مطلوب موظفين ادخال بيانات للعمل في شركة Nielsen

مطلوب مدخلين بيانات للعمل لدى Nielsen

مطلوب مدخلين بيانات للعمل لدى Nielsen
وظائف ادخال بيانات ٢٠٢٢

مطلوب موظفين ادخال بيانات للعمل لدى شركة Nielsen

:About This Job

Data Entry "Coder" is responsible for inserting data into program, break and spot database and will be reporting to Supervisor/Manager.


Works as a member of a team to complate assignments and keep their co-workers and supervisors informed of theri work progress and share information with them.

Willing to continually learn, particularly with regard to new engancements of the application and teamwork "Learing will be aquired as a part of regular work activity, from co-workers and through training offered in the workplace.

Accurately and efficiently encode all data that needs organizing and recording.

Confirm that entered data accurately aligns with defined specifications.

Self-audit your work checking for errors or duplication.

Qualifications And Skills

BA/BS degree required preferably backgound of Business Administration, Languages or Translation.

Strong interpersonal skills.

Should be accurate "Quality Oriented", precise, reliable and be able to perform ordered and repertative tasks.

Advanced level in English Language "B1 - B2 Level".

The job requires significant use of memory; Remember spot details to identify differences, Memorize software shortcuts to save processing time and Recall details about how to process variety of forms.

Willing to work in shifts if required.

About Nielsen

As the arbiter of truth, Nielsen Global Media fuels the media industry with unbiased, reliable data about what people watch and listen to. To discover what’s true, we measure across all channels and platforms⁠—from podcasts to streaming TV to social media. And when companies and advertisers are armed with the truth, they have a deeper understanding of their audiences and can accelerate growth.

Do you want to move the industry forward with Nielsen? Our people are the driving force. Your thoughts, ideas and expertise can propel us forward. Whether you have fresh thinking around maximizing a new technology or you see a gap in the market, we are here to listen and take action.

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