مطلوب ١٠ موظفين للعمل في مشروع نيوم.

مطلوب ١٠ موظفين للعمل في مشروع نيوم. 

مطلوب ١٠ موظفين للعمل في مشروع نيوم.
اعلان توظيف لدى مشروع نيوم في الأردن 

وظائف شاغرة في مشروع نيوم لاكثر من 10 موظفين

Urgently Required in NEOM

A leading multinational construction company is looking for the candidates having experience in construction (infra) projects, preferably in Tunnels Construction.

1: QA/QC Engineer (2)

2: Planning Engineer (1)

3: QS Engineer (1)

4: Documents Controller (having

5: command on Aconex) (1)

6: HSE Engineer (1)

7: Safety Officer (1

8: EMS Engineer (2)

9: Logistic Supervisor (1)

10: Geological Engineer (2)

11: Tunneling Engineer (1)

12: Explosives Engineer (1)

13: Logistic Engineer (1)

The interested candidates, who can join within a period of two weeks, are encouraged to drop their updated CVs at email

[email protected]

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