مطلوب مدير مخزون و لوجستي للعمل لدى جوسوي الطبي

مطلوب مدير مخزون و لوجستي للعمل لدى جوسوي الطبي 

مطلوب مدير مخزون و لوجستي للعمل لدى جوسوي الطبي
وظائف شاغرة للعمل في الأردن 

Warehouse and Logistics Manger


Job Description and Requirements

Job title:

Warehouse and Logistics Manger

JOSWE Medical is looking to hire Warehouse and Logistics Manger with the following requirements and qualifications:

Key Responsibilities:

Has the ability to Efficiently and Effectively Manage resources related to , demand planning, warehousing, and logistics.

Ensure compliance to regulatory requirements,  cGMP requirements and good distribution practices.

Ensure customer demand is fulfilled on time through the supply chain functions

Implement stock management for incoming materials of raw materials, packaging materials and other consumables to ensure consumption rate is addressed in relation to stock level and to ensure that the stock level is optimal.

Ensure that logistics planning and shipping planning is performed to fulfil the sales orders.

Review ERP system data and issue reports to reflect process KPIs and performance related to supply chain activities and functions.

Support inspections conducted at the Company and taking responsibility for inspection findings by formulating documented responses and completing inspection finding remediation activities.

Ensure service level agreements/contracts are developed with clearance companies, shipping companies and all logistics support companies based on negotiated terms related to quality, capacity, responsiveness, and cost.

Train, Develop and enhance workforce competencies and skills of employee

Education and Experience:

Bachelor’s degree in Business and/or Management, Operations, Logistics, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering or Supply Chain Management (or equivalent)

10 years minimum in Warehouse or supply chain management experience (Preferable candidate to have minimum 5 years’ experience in pharmaceutical Field or Food or life sciences sectors)

Skills Required:

Ability to negotiate contracts as well as commercial terms and service level agreements

Strong communication, relationship management, and analytical and problem-solving skills

Strong Leadership Skills

Excellent language skills in Arabic and English (reading, writing and speaking)

Excellent computer skills such as MS Office and Outlook

Primary location:

Na’ur 851831 Jordan


Joswe Medical

Please send your updated resume to the following email address:  [email protected]

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