وظائف شاغرة للعمل لدى السفارة الامريكية في الاردن.

وظائف شاغرة للعمل لدى السفارة الامريكية في الاردن. 

وظائف شاغرة للعمل لدى السفارة الامريكية في الاردن.
فرص عمل لدى السفارة الامريكية في عمان 

مطلوب موظف للعمل لدى السفارة الاميركية في الاردن. 

مطلوب موظف ( فني) للعمل لدى السفارة الامريكية في عمان. 

Conditions for the technician


 Experience: At least 3 years of flight-level experience installing, operating, repairing and maintaining commercial or industrial boilers and mechanical HVAC/refrigeration systems, requiring two years of hands-on experience operating, servicing or repairing up to 700 kW volume boilers  .

Job knowledge: Must have superior knowledge and exceptional electromechanical technical skills and a thorough understanding of HVAC systems with an in-depth understanding of thermodynamics and how it applies to commercial boilers and HVAC theories and principles

 Education requirements:

 High school completion required.  .  Completion of at least two years of professional training from an accredited institution that is recognized as producing flight-level technicians specializing in the HVAC field is required.

 Skills and Abilities: A Level 3 Jordanian driver's license is required. He must possess excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to handle large workloads and multiple tasks simultaneously.  Physical demands include lifting and carrying tools, equipment or parts, with a maximum weight of 25 kilograms.

 If you are interested in applying, please click on the following link

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