فرص عمل في ألمانيا | شركة otto في المانيا

فرص عمل في ألمانيا | شركة otto في المانيا

فرص عمل في ألمانيا | شركة otto في المانيا
العمل في ألمانيا 2021

OTTO is one of the most successful e-commerce companies in Europe and the largest online furniture retailer in Germany.

 With courage, passion and openness to change, we invest in new technologies and develop our business model into a platform.  Always focus: our customers and a positive shopping experience on otto.de.

 We are looking for co-workers who are curious and brave.  Enthusiastic about technology.  You want to experiment and promote innovations.  We value people in all their diversity.

 At OTTO or Otto Group Holding, our colleagues have many different options available to reconcile work and private life.  Because for everyone, the range of individual lifestyles, personal needs, and family requirements mean something different.  OTTO supports you with individual splitting of working hours in order to free up valuable private life time in the right place.

 To make this possible, a lot is being done at OTTO through our New Work initiative.  Above all, we pursue the goal of integrating collaborative and flexible work into everyday working life and strengthening the personal responsibility of each individual.

 Everyone can and should work wherever, whenever and how it fits the task at hand.

 In addition to your work or professional experience, we offer you several career and future development programs.

 Advantages of working in otto company:


 37.5 hours per week

 flexible organization

 Flexible business models

 Home office, part-time option

 HVV ProfiCard support

 15% discount for employees

 Christmas and a paid holiday

 Specialized events and conferences

 fitness room

 Interaction in social and co-working spaces

 free time

 Benefits for your family: Support for daycare vouchers and vacation programs

 OTTO is looking forward.  This applies not only to new technologies on the market, but also to employees.  We offer many training and development opportunities for this purpose: from preparation procedures and the OTTO Academy to management and leadership programmes.  You can advance your career on your own through a specialized or managerial career.  We offer you all the support you need: information, specialized conferences and trainings

 Are vacancies current?

 Yes, we update our offers daily from Monday to Friday.

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