هل تبحث عن عمل؟ إليك 7 نصائح للعثور على وظيفة

هل تبحث عن عمل؟ إليك 7 نصائح للعثور على وظيفة

هل تبحث عن عمل؟ إليك 7 نصائح للعثور على وظيفة
7 نصائح للعثور على وظيفة 

Are you looking for a job?.. Here are 7 tips for finding a job

 Having a good job is an essential aspect of being satisfied, as work affects our health, as it allows us to spend a long time without financial and psychological problems.

 Writer Juan Armando Corbin, in a report published by the Spanish magazine "psicologia y mente", says that not having a job can be frustrating and make us feel like a failure, so, if you are unemployed, here are some tips so you can improve  Your chances of finding a job.

 know yourself

 The first thing you have to do is think about yourself and the things you want, and this step is not an easy step, you have to know your strengths and weaknesses, as this will positively affect the entire selection process if you are lucky enough to pass the stages.

 Besides, knowing your strengths and areas where you suffer from weaknesses will help you to develop a good CV and to pass a job interview successfully for example, and when you know your motives, you can search for jobs that fit your profile.

 Prepare a good CV

 A resume is the employee’s presentation in front of the company offering the job, but according to some research, hiring employees takes about 6 seconds to decide whether you are suitable to continue the process or you are not qualified to proceed. Therefore, it is essential that you prepare a good resume,  It is desirable to include the necessary information, and to be presented in a short and concise manner.

 Use of social networking sites

 The digital world has changed the way people interact, and this also includes the way they get a job.  Although today Facebook is the most popular social network, when we talk about a professional social network, LinkedIn is the most important.

 Thus, if you are going to use this social site, it is necessary to pay more attention to your profile, as it is very useful for professional promotion and for finding and sharing information related to your field.

 Good use of job portals

 The job search process can be a daunting task, especially if we do not use our resources well. The traditional method of bringing a resume into the company has practically become extinct, as new technologies, especially the Internet, have prompted many companies to take advantage of the digital world to select new employees.  So if we want to be in the labor market, we must know how to improve our chances of establishing ourselves in this medium.

 be proactive

 We must take our job search seriously, it is important to be vigilant and devote hours to it.  So, the key is to be consistent.

 Although someone might offer you a job unexpectedly, in most cases you have to be proactive and do an active search.  On the other hand, it may take some time to find the job we want.

 Have a good job interview

 During the interview, you have the opportunity to do a good job and make them want to hire you.  In life, mistakes are allowed, but if there is a place where you can pay dearly for mistakes, it is in a job interview, in which case the picture you give of yourself can determine, in the eyes of the interviewer, whether you are a good fit for the job.  that you aspire to or not.

 Therefore, you have to take this stage seriously to leave a good image of yourself, in addition to this, dressing appropriately, arriving on time and knowing more about the establishment etc. are some of the aspects that you should take into consideration so as not to miss this opportunity.  To show your value.

 Show your uniqueness

 The competition that exists between professionals from different institutions is fierce for a market that is deteriorating like the job market.  One of the concepts that has taken hold in the last decade is personal excellence, and what we mean here is personal branding.

 That personal branding is more important than any resume, with personal branding, the person responsible for hiring identifies and understands what you want to communicate, about your value, competence, usefulness and reliability, in short, you have to send a unique message that sets you apart from others.

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