فرص عمل في تخصصات الصيدلة و التغذية للعمل لدى مركز الحسين للسرطان.

فرص عمل في تخصصات الصيدلة و التغذية للعمل لدى مركز الحسين للسرطان. 

وظائف شاغرة للعمل لدى مركز الحسين للسرطان 

Nutrition and Health Education

Job Description and Requirements

King Hussein Cancer Center is seeking to hire the following vacancy:

                                                                Nutrition and Health Education

Job Requirements

Researches and collates background knowledge on topics relevant to the Unit, including but not limited to, best practices in cancer prevention through nutrition and lifestyles and effective methodologies for raising awareness.

Critically evaluates research evidence and selectively creates content that can be used in community education initiatives, with regards to cancer prevention.

Transforms research knowledge and understanding of how nutrition, exercise, and well-being are related, and how healthy lifestyles can prevent disease, to practical educational messages targeting the community (through educational initiatives).

Contributes to generating sections of reports, presentations, and proposals.

Collaborates with other units to prepare projects related to health education projects.

Collaborates with other units to contribute to research related to healthy lifestyles.

Recognizes the importance of fostering effective and supportive relationships with cancer control advocates and other national and international NGO's and donors.

Contributes to developing and delivering cancer control health education sessions or materials to schools, universities, and other organizations or institutes, and at local events.


Education and Professional Experience (essential minimum requirement):


B.Sc. in Health related field (e.g. Pharmacy, Nutrition).

1 to 2 years of practical experience in a related field.

Excellent command of oral and written English as well as organizational skills.

Computer proficiency (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook).

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