منحة تشيفنينغ 2022 ممولة بالكامل من الحكومة البريطانية مع راتب شهري ممتاز - رسوم الدراسة- وتذاكر السفر مجاناً و جميع التخصصات متاحة للتقديم.

منحة تشيفنينغ 2022 ممولة بالكامل من الحكومة البريطانية  مع راتب شهري ممتاز - رسوم الدراسة- وتذاكر السفر مجاناً و جميع التخصصات متاحة للتقديم. 

منحة تشيفنينغ 2022 ممولة بالكامل من الحكومة البريطانية  مع راتب شهري ممتاز - رسوم الدراسة- وتذاكر السفر مجاناً و جميع التخصصات متاحة للتقديم.
منح دراسية في بريطانيا 

The British Government Chevening Scholarship 2022 is ranked as the number one scholarship globally, as the scholarship is fully funded by the British Government.

 Do you want to study in one that ranks as the best fully funded scholarship in the world?

 It is ranked as the number one scholarship globally, as the scholarship is fully funded by the British Government.

 Chevening Scholarships and Fellowships is one of the most important opportunities for students to study in the UK.  It is a program organized and supervised by the British government.  This program from 1983 to the present day aims to develop high caliber global leaders.

 Given the high demand for Chevening scholarships, and the difficulties students face when applying, we have summarized for you in today's article, the most important steps for filling out the Chevening Scholarships and Fellowships application form.

 Why the Chevening Scholarship?

 It is known that the British government annually offers the Chevening Scholarship to more than 2,600 students, and it is considered one of the best scholarships in the world, as the scholarship provides full funding to study a master's degree in British universities.

 Countries available to apply / all countries of the world.

 Study/Master's level.

 tuition fee free,

 Free airline tickets from your country to Britain,

 A large monthly stipend to cover living expenses,

 Financial reward upon arrival to Britain for the first time

 The scholarship provides a visa to enter Britain,

 Provides conference attendance, research and other expenses.

 Majors and universities available for application

 All British universities are available to apply to study as a government scholarship, which also means all disciplines are available and you will find the available majors and universities.


 This scholarship does not have an upper age limit to apply.

 The scholarship does not need to provide an English language certificate this year due to the current circumstances of Corona, so an English language certificate is not required this year,

 The person must have a total of at least two years work experience during his life in general.

 Scholarship schedule

 Submission start: August 3, 2021

 Application deadline: November 2, 2021

 Interviews: from February to April 2022

 Result: June 2022

 Study start: September to October 2022

 How to apply for the Chevening Scholarship 2022?

 First Step: Terms and Conditions

 The first page of the application includes questions related to eligibility conditions and criteria, which differ from one scholarship to another, but the general conditions are as follows: The applicant must:

 Have a bachelor's degree.

 Possess at least two years of full-time, part-time or volunteer work experience.

 He has a clear vision regarding his future ambitions, such as becoming a leader, decision maker, or an influential social figure in his country.

 Not be a British citizen.  Not be a recipient of any previous scholarship from the British Government.

 Not be involved in any activities in institutions linked to the British government such as: the British Embassy, ​​the British Council or any of the universities in the United Kingdom.

 None of his family members are employed in any of the above-mentioned institutions.

 He is willing to return to his country after graduation and work there for at least two years.

 An exception to this condition is the cases in which the applicant may be forced to work outside his country, but in institutions linked to his home country.

 Step Two: Personal Information

 The next two pages of the application form include personal information, including full name, date of birth, nationality, country of residence, contact information and other basic information.

 It is worth noting that in this section, you will also be asked about the place you would like to conduct the interview in, as the places available to you vary according to your country.  .

 Third Step: Academic Biography

 On this page, you will be asked to fill in your details related to your academic career at the undergraduate level.  Here you can choose the country of study from the list provided, in addition to the university you joined, the duration of study (date of enrollment and date of graduation), the name of the major, the college and the degrees you obtained.  If you do not find the name of your university or major listed, you can choose “Others”.

 And if you hold more than one university degree, be sure to mention them all by clicking on “Add others” and filling in the data as you did the first time.

 After completing this information, click on “Save” and then “Continue” to go to the next page.

 Fourth Step: Career Biography

 This page relates to your career. As mentioned above, applicants need at least two years of professional experience to qualify for a Chevening Scholarship or Fellowship.  On this page, you must fill in the data on the jobs or volunteer opportunities that you have taken, and this data includes: the name of the employer, the job title, the date of starting the job, the number of hours worked per week, and the total number of weeks worked.

 Fifth Step: English Language Requirements

 Applicants for Chevening Scholarships and Fellowships must meet the English language requirements of one of the following:

 Academic IELTS test.

 Cambridge Test of English: Advanced.

 Pearson PTE Academic

 ISE Trinity Test: Level B2.

 If you have a certificate, you can upload a copy of the certificate, but if you have not yet taken the exam or your certificate has expired, you can upload it at a later time, but before the deadline set by the program committee.

 It is worth noting that applicants can take any of these exams several times until they obtain the required mark that qualifies them to apply, but the Chevening Program does not bear any costs related to applying for these exams or issuing their certificates.

 If you have made a decision about the university you want to attend, be sure to read the university’s English language requirements as well, as some universities only accept certain exams and with specific marks, so it is important to familiarize yourself with them before starting the application process.

 Sixth Step: University and Majors

 Applicants have two main options here, where they can either list three options for different majors at the same university, or they can list one major in three different universities.  The application can only be considered valid if three options are filled out.

 Be sure to choose majors carefully, so that they reflect your interests and are linked to your future plans and career goals after graduation.  Keep in mind that you will not be able to change the majors you have chosen after submitting the application.  As for the criteria and conditions for choosing a specialty, they are as follows:

 to be full time.

 The study should start in the fall (August or September).

 To finish with a master's degree.

 Not eligible majors:

 Part-time specializations.

 The disciplines that are studied remotely.

 Majors with a duration of less than 9 months or those with a duration of more than 12 months.

 PhD specializations.

 It is important that you apply for admission to these majors at the same time as you are applying for a Chevening Scholarship, but if you have received a conditional or unconditional offer of admission to one of the majors of your choice, in this case you must attach a copy of the acceptance letter with your application  your.

 Seventh step: Essay questions

 Of course, as with all scholarship applications, there should be a set of essay questions that will assess your writing skills and your interest in the opportunity.  In the Chevening program, four essay questions are asked, which the applicant must answer with a paragraph of 50-500 words in length.  It is true that the minimum word count is 50, but answers less than 100 words are excluded in the early stages of the screening process.

 As for the questions asked, they address the following topics:

 1- Leadership and Influence: You may remember that the goal of the Chevening program is to support leaders around the world and contribute to the development of their skills.

 2- Networking Skills: In this section, applicants should talk about their interpersonal skills and their ability to expand their network, in addition to explaining how they can contribute to networking with the Chevening community.

 3- Study in the UK: In this question, applicants should talk about why they chose the three previous majors, and how these choices relate to their academic career or past professional experience as well as their future goals and ambitions.

 Step 8: Details of immigration to the UK

 This section includes a set of questions related to the applicant's passport and previous visits to Britain.  In addition to questions regarding any offenses or crimes committed in Britain or in any other country.

 It is worth noting that all Chevening Scholarship recipients must travel using an ordinary passport, as holders of diplomatic or service passports are not eligible to apply for these scholarships.

 Ninth Step: Reconfirm the application requirements and criteria

 On this page, applicants will be asked to reconfirm information regarding their eligibility for Chevening Scholarships and Fellowships.  These are the same conditions that we mentioned at the beginning of the article.

 Tenth Step: Confirmation of adherence to the criteria and conditions of the grant

 This page includes a set of criteria and conditions that the applicant must abide by in the event of a Chevening Scholarship. These conditions are as follows:

 Agreeing to attend a number of activities related to the Chevening Program.

 Respond to surveys.

 Return to the home country for at least two years after the end of the study period in Britain.

 Network and interact with the Chevening alumni community in the home country.

 Step Eleven: Data of Reference Persons

 At this point, applicants will be asked to add contact information for two references, who can be from an academic or professional background, but neither should be friends or relatives of the applicant.

 Step Twelve: Equal Opportunity Questions

 The equal opportunities page includes a set of questions that are asked to the applicant related to the issue of equal opportunities, through which it is known whether the applicant has a disability or religious or ethnic minorities…etc.

 Thirteenth Step: Submit the application

 Congratulations!  You have reached the last page of the application, all that remains is to press “Submit” to submit the application.  Do not forget to agree to the data protection and privacy terms before submitting the application.

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