مطلوب مدخل بيانات و كاشير للعمل في إحدى الشركات الكبرى في عمان - قدم الآن.

مطلوب مدخل بيانات و كاشير للعمل في إحدى الشركات الكبرى في عمان - قدم الآن. 

فرص عمل في إدخال البيانات و كاشير 

Al Mahran Trading Company LLC announces the following vacancy:

 "Cashier and Data Entry"

 Within the following conditions:

 1. Degree: Diploma only.

 2. One of the following specialties:

 Retail Sales Department.

 Business administration and retail sales.

 - Business Management.

 Accounting and financial management.

 - Accounting.


 - Sales and marketing.

 Marketing and production management.

 - Accounting Information Systems.

 - administrative data system.

 3. Graduate of one of the following years:

 - 2020

 - 2021

 4. living location \ address; In one of the following areas:

 - Khalda.

 - Umm Summaq.

 - Tla Al-Ali.

 - Jubaiha.

 - Sweileh.


 1. The nature of work in the company needs a young man, not a young woman.

 2. Any requests that do not meet “all” of the aforementioned conditions will not be considered.

 3. The vacancy in the company's exhibition of building materials and general supplies located in Khalda, Amer bin Malik Street.

 For those wishing to apply for the above vacancy by sending their CV to the e-mail in the picture, if clicking on it

 Note: Selected interviews will be scheduled.


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