اعلان توظيف صادر عن البنك العربي الأردني.

اعلان توظيف صادر عن البنك العربي الأردني. 

فرص عمل لدى البنك العربي 

يعلن البنك العربي الأردني عن حاجته إلى :

Quality Control Specialist

Arab Bankمحافظة عمان الأردن

Accountabilities & Key Roles :  

Adhere to QC standards and related PnP.

Prepare and ensure readiness of test environment for various types of testing (i.e. SIT,UAT…etc).

Ensure isolation and protection of test environment from production environment.

Process sufficient and suitable tests for all the new applications or changes as per the IT PnPs, before being deployed to production environment.

Participate in preparing test cases where applicable.

Evaluate the tests cases to what extent they meet the requirements for application/change.

Execute SIT test cases, observe and analyze results. record test case results, search for bugs, document and track defects, and perform test coverage analysis.

Report the defects and deviations and follow up on resolution. Measure the quality of the product.

Manage test deliverables test results, defect logs, test reports ... for reference and to ensure retesting for solving and amending all bugs.

Report the progress of testing and major issues encountered during the test cycle.

Support UAT tests.

Participate in systems testing efforts for global strategic projects.

Ensure proper and timely completion of tests.

Analyze and report defects in test results and recommend corrective actions where possible.

Retention of test results as per the PnPs.

Study and assess SDLC, QC practices and methodologies, provide awareness and monitor implementation.

Administer the QA/QC and SDLC processes management’s tools.

Performs tasks assigned by Sr. Quality Control and manager.

Job Requirements: 


Graduate degree in Computer Science/ Computer Engineering from a recognized University.


Up to 4 years of experience in IT similar technical positions.


Analytical and problem solving, conflict resolution, strategic thinking.

Excellent in English

Strong Interpersonal & presentation skills.

Strong Technical writing and editing skills.

Strong communications skills.

Creative and innovative.

Diversified IT technical background.

QA/QC focus.

Good programming and reporting skills.

Good understanding of the technologies, ex. Applications, interfaces, databases, operating systems, hardware, servers, … etc.

Good knowledge with reporting tools.

مستوى الأقدمية :


نوع الوظيفة:

دوام كامل.

المهام الوظيفية :

تأمين الجودة.

المجالات :

الأعمال المصرفية.

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