اعلان توظيف في منظمة أكتد الدولية في الأردن لتخصصات العلوم المالية.

اعلان توظيف في منظمة أكتد الدولية في الأردن لتخصصات العلوم المالية. 

فرص عمل لدى منظمة أكتد العالمية 

وظائف شاغرة للعمل في منظمة أكتد الدولية في الأردن. 

تعلن منظمة أكتد الدولية عن حاجتها إلى الشاغر التالي :

Finance Assistant


الوصف ومتطلبات الوظيفة


The Finance Assistant is in charge of the base’s cash, safe and of all financial transactions. S/He will be responsible of the following tasks:

Deal with transfers and exchanges of money,

Manage the petty cash,

Prepare cheques and payment orders.


The Finance Officer (FA) is in charge of supporting all necessary financial activities in North Jordan as per assigned by line managers (Finance Officer and Senior Finance Officer).

Duties and Responsibilities

Daily Financial Tasks:

Ensure that all finance related procedures are respected as per ACTED Finance procedures,

Prepare payment vouchers on a daily basis,

Ensure registration of all payments in the cashbook and accountancy system,

Ensure that all expenses for the accountancy are allocated to the correct project and financial budget line,

Proceed with payments (cash or cheque) for all items and services approved by area coordination and with respect to all financial procedures,

Ensure on a daily basis that the safe, cashbook and cash are balanced,

Prepare money transfers, registration and exchange of voucher reference between Country Office and area.

Ensure all advances are closed according to ACTED policy,

Reporting and Monthly Closure:

At the end of each month, the FA is to ensure that the cashbook, cash and accountancy are balanced and consistent. The FA should conduct a cash count and release the cash checking statement with the Area Coordinator/ Deputy Area Coordinator.

Prepare the bank reconciliation for approval by Finance Officer and Area Coordination Team,

Check the accuracy of all allocated expenses and vouchers

Ensure any advances are cleared for the staff, before paying the salary.


Participates in all relevant meetings, when necessary, i.e., FLATS and/or Program meetings as requested.

To follow up and work with the ACTED partners and/or Cooperatives/CBOs i.e., to work closely with the cooperatives to provide accurate and complete documents of expenses.

Support cross-department activities related with Finance tasks (HR, Logistics, etc.)

Prepare a monthly sales tax report for donors having tax exemption process.

Other tasks as requested by line manager.


Bachelor’s degree in Finance or a related field;

Very good English (written and spoken);

Very good writing and communication skills;

Ability to work under pressure in a high-pace environment;

Good organisational and prioritisation skills;

Strong interpersonal skills

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