مطلوب مدخلات بيانات عدد 5 للعمل من المنزل.

مطلوب مدخلات بيانات عدد 5 للعمل من المنزل. 

فرصة عمل من المنزل مطلوب مدخلات بيانات عدد 5.

فرص عمل اون لاين. 

A number of 5 girls who enter data are required to work remotely from home for a specific period with the following conditions:

 Work is time-bound and task-specific as well. The nature of the task is to enter 1000 different accounting operations on the accounts program. Details are sent to WhatsApp. The task ends by completing the required number. You must be a graduate of Accounting or Management Information Systems. The priority for those who have practice in accounting programs or for those with experience or outstanding graduates. The applicant must have a computer and a net on it. Age less than 40 years, fees are 100 dinars only for interested parties and approvals.

 Please contact on WhatsApp only


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