تعلن شركة transperfect العالمية عن حاجتها إلى مدخلين ومدخلات بيانات في عمان والزرقاء واربد.

تعلن شركة transperfect العالمية عن حاجتها إلى مدخلين ومدخلات بيانات في عمان والزرقاء واربد. 

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Data Entry Clerk

TransPerfectمحافظة إربد الأردن.

TransPerfect DataForce is an unmatched network of in-country professionals that provides data to make AI systems smarter. With over 350,000 global experts, we collect and annotate data used by our clients to offer a superior AI-enabled customer experience.  

This time we’re asking our community members to collect and upload photos of several self-portraits and videos with your smartphone to help us develop useful and safe AI technology for everyday use.

Transperfect DataForce is currently looking for people to participate in the Selfie Data Collection for its Artificial Intelligence (AI) department. The purpose of this study is to collect images and videos of our contributors to improve facial recognition technology.

For the study, you will need to upload pictures and videos of yourself. These pictures should originate from your photo library and then uploaded to our in-house platform DataForce. You will not upload anything on this site, instead, you will be redirected to our designated dashboard where you will fill out additional information so we are able to get you credentials for this site.

This very simple task lasts around 10 -15 minutes, you can do it in the comfort of your home or preferred location and we will pay you $20 for the whole task if it is approved by our reviewers.

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