مطلوب موظفين للعمل في جمعية الحسين مركز التدريب و الدمج الشامل.

مطلوب موظفين للعمل في جمعية الحسين مركز التدريب و الدمج الشامل. 

فرص عمل 

جمعية الحسين مركز الاردن للتدريب و الدمج الشامل

منظمة غير حكومية تسعى الى تحقيق التنمية في مختلف محافظات المملكة و مناطقها و تسهم بدعم الجهود التنموية الاجتماعية و التعليمية عن طريق اقامة المشاريع الوطنية التنموية و التي  هي بغرض جمع البيانات الخاصة بتعيين الكوادر حال حصولها على الموافقة بخصوص المشاريع المقدمه و بالتخصصات التالية على ان يكون لديهم معرفة بانظمة المؤسسات غير الربحية NGOs . 

Al-Hussein Association Jordan Center for Training and Comprehensive Inclusion announces its need for

 Employees with the following specialties

 Managing Director

 Project manager specializing in mental health - Master of Psychological Counseling - holder of a certificate of practicing a profession from the Ministry of Health.

 Psychologist with a minimum of a master's degree - holding a certificate of practicing the profession.

 Director of Rehabilitation Programs

 office boss

 Director of Studies and Training

 Quality control

 ERP Officer

 A specialist in hearing and speech

 Specialist Nursing

 IT specialist.

 Receptionist - has the ability to deal with insurance systems

 A special education teacher


 English teacher

 sport teacher

 Art teacher


 Occupational therapist

 Engineering of medical devices

 Prosthetics technician


 Accountant - Knowledge of Quick Books

 Partial warehouse administrator - Quick Books knowledge

 A non-governmental organization that seeks to achieve development in the various governorates and regions of the Kingdom and contributes to support social and educational development efforts through the establishment of national development projects, which are for the purpose of collecting data for the appointment of cadres if they obtain approval regarding the submitted projects and the following specializations, provided that they have Knowledge of the regulations of non-profit organizations.

 Specifications required to join jobs

 • Holds a master’s degree and a minimum bachelor’s degree

 • Experience of at least five years in dealing with non-governmental organizations (NGOS) and in the field of disability

 • Advanced computer skills

 • Excellent command of the English language

 • His ability to withstand work pressure and work within a team

 • Has administrative skills and positive attitudes towards different civilizations, colleagues and beneficiaries

 • Extra points are given to anyone who has experience in following up development projects

 Please fill in the link with a deadline of three days from the date of the announcement. We encourage people with disabilities with full provision

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