مطلوب سائق للعمل براتب 600 دينار.

مطلوب سائق للعمل براتب 600 دينار. 

A driver is required to work with a salary of up to 600 dinars

 A distributor is required to work in the Jordanian distribution company.

 A driver with a vehicle (religion bingo refrigerator) with a salary of (250) dinars + (300) the vehicle's rent and an extra of no less than (50) dinars.

 Employee benefits:

 1- First class private health insurance for all family members.

 2- Registration in Social Security immediately upon confirmation.

 Employee specification:

 1- The educational level is not less than a successful mentor.

 2- The vehicle model should not be less than 2013.

 3- That the security file be free of any misdemeanor or offense.

 4- That the age is not less than 25 and not more than 35.

 5- Have skills in dealing with clients well.

 6- Ability to withstand work pressure.

 To contact and inquire at the attached number:


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