وظائف شاغرة من كلا الجنسين للعمل في شركة كبرى براتب 500 دينار.

وظائف شاغرة من كلا الجنسين للعمل في شركة كبرى براتب 500 دينار. 

فرص عمل براتب 500 دينار 

An employee or a female employee is required for an administrative vacancy with a salary of 500 dinars. Team Leader. 

Employment announcement 1- Wanted Contact Management Center Team Leader An employee or employee, it does not matter

 Candidates should be as follows:


 Bachelor's degree in Business Administration / Marketing / Information Technology majors or any related discipline

 English is a must.

 Two years experience in the labor market in customer service management

 He has the ability and professionalism to deal with various customer service tools and is fluent in organizing work through social media

 Strong administrative figure

 He or she has no objection to appearing in marketing videos

 A courteous speaker and able to deal directly with both genders

 Fluent in speaking English

 The salary is 500 dinars

 Please send a CV with a personal photo for those who meet the conditions

 On the following email:

[email protected]

 With a personal photo and writing the job title in the title.

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