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Data Scientist

MarketingAmman, Amman Governorate, Jordan Full time.


Job Brief:

Responsible for proposing, prototyping, deploying, and maintaining various analytics and data science solutions for the marketing team, to ultimately optimize the efforts wherever needed and applicable, this includes predictive models tackling areas such as churn and propensity to x modeling, as well as segmentation, customer scoring and complex data manipulation and reporting.

Key Responsibilities:

Propose, prototype, and deliver to the consumer analytics and data science needs and roadmap

Prototype and build models from scratch, to support business needs; going through the full cycle from ideation, data extraction, wrangling, feature engineering to algorithms selection and final “packaging”.

Full management of existing predictive models, including churn and propensity ones through timely, periodical runs, and ensuring the same performance levels are maintained through re-trainings and/or augmentation with new features or experimenting with refined/ different algorithms.

Maintaining our customer scoring models, refreshing with new attributes as they become relevant and continuously customizing the outputs for to support tracking and utilization.

Continuous update of our customer profiles master databases, through fusing and blending data from various sources, as they become available/ relevant.

Continuous pursue and support in improving existing models by adding new features/ attributes.

Support models and data pipelines migrations between environments.

Support ad-hoc data extractions, complex data manipulations and advanced queries and reports.

Serve as a reference point and authority on all things analytics and data science for the wider teams.

Perform other related duties as assigned by the direct manager.

Key Competencies:

Core Competencies:

Accountability and Result Drive;

Stakeholders Focus (Customer Care, internal and external customers)

Communication Skills

Work Ethics and Values

Functional Competencies:


Selling & Relationships Building Skills

Planning & Organization

Problem Identification and Solving


Analytical Thinking

Organization Agility

Business Insight


Education Bachelor Degree in Data Science, Statistics, Math, Operations Research, Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field with significant numerical and computational component to it Master's Degree in Data Science, Analytics or related field is a plus.

Level of Experience Advanced Experience in pure-play data science domain, corporate analytics function or data warehouse/ data engineering areas with demonstrated previous production-level implementations of predictive models and analytics solutions.

Certifications & Licensure


SAS Certified Predictive Modeler (or similar)

Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate

Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) “Data Analyst” or “Spark and Hadoop Developer” (or similar)

Tools & Systems


Python, especially data management and machine learning packages (e.g. pandas, scikit-learn)

SQL Querying (preferably using SQL server or hive/impala)

SAS Enterprise Miner


Power BI (or similar visualization tools)

Microsoft Excel (at power query and VBA macros programming level)


ETL tools

Data Modeling and OLAP cubes creation modules

Graph analysis Hadoop framework

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Technical Skills & Knowledge Essential:


Excellent knowledge of predictive modeling using a variety of algorithms families. Ideally through either SAS or Python; with demonstrated production level deployments

Excellent knowledge of data processing and preparation, comfortable with both self-service tools (e.g. Alteryx) or script based (e.g. pandas)

Excellent knowledge of databases and distributed databases architecture and concepts

Excellent knowledge in data tabulation, summarization and visualization

Good knowledge of data modeling design and implementation


Basic knowledge of deep learning

Basic knowledge of Tensorflow

Basic knowledge of social network analysis and graphs analytics at scale.

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