فرص تطوعية مدفوعة الاجر للعمل لدى جمعية قرى الأطفال SOS Children's في الأردن بأجر يومي مابين 10-15 دينار يومياً .

فرص تطوعية مدفوعة الاجر للعمل لدى جمعية قرى الأطفال SOS Children's في الأردن بأجر يومي مابين 10-15  دينار يومياً . 

فرص التطوع مع الأجر المدفوع 

فرص تطوع إدارية مدفوعة الأجر. 

Paid administrative volunteer opportunities with SOS Jordan for graduates and full-time students

 The Jordanian SOS Children's Villages Association invites full-time male and female youths or graduates of Jordanian universities to join its volunteering program in the Department of Donations and Communication Development, through:

 • Data entry and database management

 • Contacting individual donors and following up with them

 • Responding to donors' calls and answering their inquiries

 • Volunteer with the bazaars that are held infrequently for the association while adhering to all safety standards.

 Acceptance criteria:

 • The volunteer must be a full-time volunteer

 • The required age is between (20-30) years

 • He must be a resident of the Amman Governorate

 • High communication skills, and the ability to communicate with donors and communicate information clearly.

 • The ability to work on Microsoft programs, especially Excel.

 • Previous experience is not required.

 • Academic qualification: Diploma or university degree from a Jordanian university

 • Required language: Arabic

 General points:

 • Working days: 3-5 working days per week between Sunday to Thursday

 Volunteer hours: from 4-9 hours

 Place of volunteering: The National Office - Shmeisani

 • A volunteer allowance is paid that ranges between (10-15 dinars per day).

 • The volunteer receives a certificate that includes the number of volunteer hours

 This volunteer opportunity is aimed at full-time graduates or those looking to complete volunteer hours.

 Please attach your CV to your email: [email protected]

 The name of the volunteer job presented to her was mentioned with the title e-mail (Volunteer with Donations and Contact Development Department)

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