شركة رائدة تدعو المهندسين لبرنامج تدريب براتب مجزي.

شركة رائدة تدعو المهندسين لبرنامج تدريب براتب مجزي.


برنامج تدريبي 

Rum Calibration and Rehabilitation Company announces a reasonable salary training program for engineers. 

Rum Calibration and Qualification Company wishes to appoint recently graduated engineers to the main training program of the Jordanian Engineers Association.

 Job title: Calibration and Qualification Engineer, Qualifications and Conditions: - University Degree: Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering (only),

 Duration of training: six months, social security from the beginning of the training.

 - That it has not been three years since the engineer’s graduation, - That he has not previously trained or worked for a period of more than three months,

 Calibrate and qualify clients' devices and equipment according to the used standards and work procedures.

 - Training bonus: the company's contribution is 260 Jordanian dinars per month, the union’s contribution: 50 Jordanian dinars, some tasks and duties: - Performing all relevant reports in the calibration and qualification of devices according to the followed procedure.

 Coordination with clients and planning the schedule for the implementation of the assigned work and follow-up until the completion of all required tasks without any delay.

 Conducting calculations, analyzing and reviewing data, and reporting any deviation or discrepancy. Carrying out thermal distribution studies and drawing plans for warehouses, trucks, cold rooms, etc.

 Those who meet the conditions and find themselves competent must send their CV to the company's e-mail [email protected], explaining the required position: (Calibration and Qualification Engineer - Syndicate Training) on ​​the subject, to determine the initial interviews.

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