مطلوب محاسب، حاسوب ، هندسة ، برمجيات، نظم معلومات.

مطلوب محاسب، حاسوب ، هندسة ، برمجيات، نظم معلومات.

Accountant - Computer - Engineering - Software - Information Systems Wanted.


 A well-established group of companies in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

 A business technology specialist needs to fill the following vacancies:

 Systems implementer number 1

 Required qualifications:

 Bachelor's degree in one of the following majors:

 Computer engineering / software engineering / computer information systems / management information systems / accounting information systems

 Practical experience of 2-4 years

 Preferred knowledge of ERP systems

 For serious people, send a CV with a personal photo to the e-mail with the address applied.

 [email protected]

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