وظائف الاردن | شاغرة للعمل لدى البنك العربي الأردني في عمان و مرحب بحديثي التخرج .

وظائف الاردن | شاغرة للعمل لدى البنك العربي الأردني في عمان و مرحب بحديثي التخرج . 

فرص عمل لدى البنك العربي Arab Bank 

إعلان توظيف صادر عن البنك العربي. 

يعلن البنك العربي عن حاجته إلى تعيين الشاغر التالي :

IT Infrastructure Associate / Infrastructure Academy

مساعد تكنولوجيا المعلومات في عمان. 

Arab Bank محافظة عمان الأردن.

Accountabilities and Key Roles:

Participate in market research, evaluation, and testing of latest Infrastructure Technologies.

Participate in managing Infrastructure management solutions to enable centralized Inventory Management, Configuration Management, Control Compliance Management, Security, Patch Management, Performance Tuning, and Health Monitoring.

Participate in managing enterprise technologies to fulfill the digital transformation requirements, and business units expansion requirements including: Data centers, Hardware, Network Devices, Storage Solution, Data Archival Solutions, Backup Solution, Virtualization Technologies, Operating Systems, Database Management Systems, Big Data Platform, Data Visualization, and Cloud Technologies.

Provide technical support, problem resolution, and follow up with vendors on support tickets.

Adhere to infrastructure solutions Policies, Procedures, Guidelines, and Standards according to industry best practices and inline with regulatory compliance requirements.

Address emerging hardening, vulnerability management, penetration testing, information security, and compliance requirements for Infrastructure technologies.

Job Requirements:


Graduated degree in a technical discipline (e.g. Computer Engineering, Network and Security Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering and Computer Science). Fresh graduates are welcome to apply.

Infrastructure certifications are a plus.


0-2 years in similar positions in a major financial institution or in a banking solution vendor, focused on Data Storage and Recovery.

Good knowledge of Operating systems such as: Windows , Linux and UNIX.

Basic knowledge of NAS, SAN, CAS, WAN & LAN.

Basic knowledge of Databases and systems administration.


IT troubleshooting basic skills.

Fluent in English and Arabic.

Good communication and documentation skills.

Ability to accept and follow guidance/ mentoring.

Analytical Skills.

مستوى الأقدمية :

مستوى المبتدئين.

نوع الوظيفة :

دوام كامل.

المهام الوظيفية :

تكنولوجيا المعلومات.

المجالات :

الأعمال المصرفية.

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