مطلوب عمال و عاملات للعمل لدى منظمة اكتد الدولية في الأردن و بأجر يومي 15 دينار.

مطلوب عمال و عاملات للعمل لدى منظمة اكتد الدولية في الأردن و بأجر يومي 15 دينار. 

فرص عمل لدى منظمة أكتد الدولية في الأردن 

ACTED | Male and female workers are required to work for a wage of up to 15 days

 Announcement of job opportunities (cash for work) || Project to convert waste into energy (positive).

 Within the activities of the (positive) waste-to-energy project, implemented by ACTED and funded by the German Agency for International Cooperation,

 And in cooperation with the Solidarity Charity Association in its workshops in (Ramtha, Sahl Horan, Al-Naima).

 This project includes the employment of Jordanians and Syrian refugees (and they will be selected based on internal criteria),

 All the females will work in the sewing workshop, and the workers will be paid for this work.


 Commitment to work and the ability to work under pressure.

 The applicant must have completed 18 years of age and less than 45 years old.

 Provided that the skills of the applicant for work are compatible with the requirements of the work.

 The applicant must be well-read and write well.

 Provided that the applicant is healthy and physically fit to work.

 Discipline at work and following the rules and regulations of the organization and the code of conduct.

 Recruitment requirements

 The applicant must be a Jordanian or a registered Syrian refugee, and hold a security ID.

 You must also be a resident of the same municipality as the advertisement.

 Advantages and benefits that the job holder gets:

 The daily wage for a sewing worker is (12 dinars) for each working day.

 Sewing supervisor (15 dinars) for each working day.

 The number of working days is from (Saturday - Thursday) and from (8:00 AM - 4:00 PM), with an hour break for lunch.

 The duration of the work contract is (40) work days.

 All workers will be paid a transportation allowance.

 All workers in this project will be subject to social security (compulsory) for those who meet social security standards.

 Work permits will be issued for those admitted by ACTED (for Syrian women only).

 Selection of female candidates for employment will be based on eligibility, business needs, priority and vulnerabilities through a standardized point program defined by the project funder (GIZ).

 Those who wish to work in the project must apply via the link for both nationalities (Jordanian and Syrian) by clicking here


 The application deadline is Sunday 7-3-2021

 The following documents should be brought by applicants to work when they request an interview:

 A copy of the personal identity of Jordanian women / a copy of the security identity of Syrian women

 And a copy of the family book for Jordanian women / a copy of the UNHCR for Syrian women.

 Certificate of non-inclusion from social security (mandatory)

 And bring a civil retirement certificate (mandatory)

 2 personal photos.

 Non-conviction certificate (upon request)

 Medical examination from the Health Directorate to issue work permits (for Syrian women only)

 Note :

 The applicants for these jobs and who meet the conditions will be contacted for an interview with the committee, which is made up of ACTED and a representative from the Takaful Charity Association, after the application period ends.

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