وظائف شاغرة للعمل لدى شركة أورانج للإتصالات في الأردن لتخصصات الهندسة و الحاسوب وغيرها من التخصصات.

وظائف شاغرة للعمل لدى شركة أورانج للإتصالات في الأردن لتخصصات الهندسة و الحاسوب وغيرها من التخصصات. 

فرص عمل لدى شركة أورانج Orange للإتصالات 

إعلان توظيف صادر عن شركة أورانج للإتصالات في إحدى التخصصات التالية : الهندسة و الحاسوب و نظم المعلومات الحاسوبية أو أي تخصص ذو علاقة. 

Soft Skills Training Expert

 ( 3 Years Contract )

Orange Jordanمحافظة عمان الأردن.

Education & Experience:

Bachelor's degree in ICT field(Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Management Information Systems, etc) or Management Degree or Engineering Degree with 5 years’ experience related to the duties and responsibilities specified.

Key Accountabilities :

Support developing the learning strategy aligned with company and grants objectives.

Create and implement soft skills training curriculum and content. 

Construct and conduct of new soft skills courses, working with a cross-disciplinary team of program staff and trainers.

Develop and design learning material, coordinate, and review soft skills educational content, and incorporate current technology in developing specific curricula.

Manage the upkeep, review and refresh of existing soft skills courses and related content.

Implement the validated training processes to guarantee that the concern parties have their appropriate training requirements. 

Develop Orange projects soft skills curriculum to cover all needed courses and skills of programs. 

Manage training content from vendors to ensure it is compatible with Orange's standards.

Ensure Deployment of training and learning plans including in-person or online in order to fulfill target KPIs.

Develop Online learning platforms to serve bigger base of beneficiaries and more courses.

Manage Orange projects soft skills learning and training reporting and monitoring against set quantitative and qualitative indicators to control quality and impact.  

Deliver some needed soft skills courses in person in case of a need of the need for some advanced skills. 

Coordinates or performs administrative functions necessary to deliver and document training programs.

Support the development and delivery of in-person, online and elearning training programs.

Develop and implement innovative ways of evaluating knowledge transfer to learners.

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مستوى متوسط الأقدمية. 

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