فرص عمل لدى مركز الحسين للسرطان.

فرص عمل لدى مركز الحسين للسرطان. 

مركز الحسين للسرطان
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Senior Database Administrator

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King Hussein Cancer Center is seeking to hire the following vacancy:

Senior Database Administrator

Responsibilities and Duties

Designs, installs, configures, monitors, maintains and supports database servers.

Designs and implements reliable, highly available architecture to include data switching and cabling for data center storage needs.

Develops database replication, tables, views, stored procedures, users, indexes, triggers and links when required.

Develops standards and guidelines to guide the use and acquisition of software and to protect vulnerable information.

Oversees the installation, configuration, & monitoring of the clusters and replication servers for uptime, utilization and stability.

Designs and reviews interfacing capabilities (database related) of existing systems.

Establishes, maintains and modifies database structures, standards and access methods as required by changes in hardware, software or accredited policies and procedures.

Assures database integrity, archiving, maintenance, recovery, security and availability.

Analyses database performance and recommends adjustment as needed.

Troubleshoots database problems and implements corrective actions.

Plans and implements backup and disaster recovery procedures.

Education & Professional Experience

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, or any relevant field.

Internationally accredited certifications in programming languages and/or databases and/or analysis and designing tools (such as MCDBA, OCP/Developer, OCP/Database Administrator, or OCP/Designer) are preferred.

Proven solid knowledge in Oracle DB administration, Oracle MySQL administration, and MS SQL Server administration.

Minimum 7 years of experience

Application of Industry Knowledge/ Database Management and Oracle Database Administration.

Very Good Level of Spoken and Written English.

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