مطلوب موظف للعمل الفوري براتب 600 دينار.

مطلوب موظف للعمل الفوري براتب 600 دينار. 

مطلوب محاسب
فرص عمل في مجال المحاسبة 

مطلوب محاسب براتب 600 دينار. 

Required for immediate appointment

 Accountant with 3-5 years of experience working for a contracting company project in the Potash Company area - Al Aghwar

 1- It is preferable to be a resident of the south, in terms of proximity to the place

 2- The salary is 600 dinars a month

 3- Very good accommodation is available in addition to providing 3 meals a day

 4- The accountant's tasks are to follow up financial movements, enter accounting entries and prepare payroll and wages at the work site

 5- Working days: from Saturday to Thursday

 6- Academic qualification Bachelor of Accounting or its equivalent with knowledge of accounting systems and Microsoft Office (Excel, Word)

 7- Those who meet the conditions must send their CV to the following email

 [email protected]

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