مطلوب موظفة للعمل لدى قرية الأطفال SOS.

مطلوب موظفة للعمل لدى قرية الأطفال SOS. 

وظائف قرية الأطفال SOS
فرصة عمل لدى قرية الأطفال SOS 

حابة تشتغلي مع الأطفال، وتعيشي معهم زي كأنك أمهم؟ عندك استعداد تقضي معهم 6 أيام بالأسبوع في القرية في عمان؟

Do you want to work with children and live with them as if you were their mother?  Are you willing to spend 6 days a week with them in the village in Amman?

 The Jordanian SOS Children's Villages Association revolves around an employee who plays the role of a surrogate aunt / mother who wants to deal with children from the age of 14 years, and contributes to their upbringing and good upbringing.

 Required qualifications:

 • University degree or higher diploma

 • Age 30 years and over

 • The ability to sleep 6 days a week inside the village in Tabarbour - Amman.

 Those who have the required qualifications and the ability to give and share their motherhood feelings with children can apply for the job as soon as possible via the following link:

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