وظائف شاغرة للعمل لدى شركة البوتاس العربية في مجال السلامة العامة.

وظائف شاغرة للعمل لدى شركة البوتاس العربية في مجال السلامة العامة. 

فرص عمل لدى شركة البوتاس العربية 

إعلان توظيف صادر عن شركة البوتاس العربية. 

ety Superintendent

Karak, Jordan

Expires in 6 days

Job Description

Maintain protection of the health and safety of our employees, customers, and the communities in which we operate and or transport our products, as our highest priority.

Manage overall safety programs while incorporating accountability and responsibility for safety performance into all levels of leadership and at a personal level for each member of Arab Potash Company.

Provide attention to detail, and dedication to work in order to ensure reliability of the work site as well as high quality product.

Provide program assistance, education, and council to enhance employee behavior to obtain safety Excellence according to corporate and Arab Potash Company expectations.

Coordinates with shipping & loading and harvesters’ sections for best potash handling and for best plant feed (quality & quantity) by conducting telephone calls and site visit.

ensure adequate, correct, and appropriate safety technology and behavioral leadership, counsel, organization, and direction are provided for the comprehensive management of safety through a team concept.

Ensure appropriate reporting and follow-up of elements to meet facility, corporate, federal, and state requirements necessary for compliance, and to minimize injury and illness to personnel, and damage to property, equipment and/or environment.

Ensure the coordination of the development, implementation, and measuring of Safety, Environmental, Industrial Hygiene, Fire Protection, and Emergency Response and Services, procedures, practices, projects, and record keeping complying with all applicable codes, standards, and accepted practices. Maintain regulatory compliance and continued quality in safety process systems.

Ensure the auditing of areas of performance in Safety, Environmental, Industrial Hygiene, Training, Fire Protection, Emergency Response and Services, record keeping, procedures, inspections, safety meetings, incident reporting and investigations, etc. and determine program efficiency status. Work facility leadership, personnel, and contract groups to correct and improve performance and practices as applicable.

Direct and motivate subordinates’ participation, behavior, and leadership development in programs, processes, methods, systems, and practices for maintaining a safe work environment and customer satisfaction. Schedule assignments and projects as needed, track progress, and broaden employees’ scope and skill set to aspire to maximum potential and knowledge base.

Support the Arab Potash Company in cost reduction, synergy, and low-cost provider initiatives and approve expenditures for material and services required to maintain a safe operation of the facility within approved expenditure level and expectations.

Lead the organization to a zero injury and zero environmental impact by example displaying model personal, team, and job competencies with a positive results-oriented attitude.


Bachelor's degree in Safety Engineering, Industrial Safety, or related fields

(10) years at least of experience in

industry experience

with 5 or more years’ experience in health and safety

Detailed knowledge of labor law, and local policies and regulations, related to safety

High proficiency in Microsoft applications (such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook)

Strong computer skills

Excellent read, write, and speak in English

Excellent problem-solving skills &

Ability to prioritize and complete multiple tasks

Effective Communication, both orally and in writing

Strong collaboration and teamwork skills

Teamwork & Must be able to respond to off hour emergencies

Excellent interpersonal skills including the ability to work as part of a team

Cooperates, collaborates, and works toward common goal with others

At least one of these certificates required, preferred to have more than one

OSHA 30 Hours Certification

OSHA Scaffolding Certification

NEPOSH Certification

IOSH Certification. 

Job Details

Job Location

Karak, Jordan

Job Role


Employment Status

Full time

Employment Type


Number of Vacancies


Preferred Candidate

Career Level


Years of Experience

Min: 10

Residence Location





Bachelor's degree

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