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Extensyaمحافظة عمان الأردن.

Extensya is a company that primarily specializes in contact management solutions and business process outsourcing services, with a network of fully equipped contact centers in various locations within KSA and Jordan, along with delivery capabilities in many other locations across the world.

Extensya was established in 2008, where the company focused at the initial stage on building its internal capabilities and setting its operational and technical infrastructure.

Extensya serves clients from various countries within the Middle East region for which Extensya provides various services that cover the Middle East, USA, Europe, and the Indian Sub-continent.  

Extensya is continuously working on strengthening its value proposition and extending its offerings to a complete range of Contact Management Solutions and Business Support Services. In addition, the company is planning to grow within the region through a multi-country delivery model, where Extensya will start additional delivery centers in various countries within the Middle East. This setup will allow accommodating a wider range of customers’ needs, and a more effective communication with these customers. 

Extensya is all about "extension", a smart extension. This is Extensya's ultimate pledge; to be an extension of its partners that integrate into their business seamlessly and effectively. Our goal at Extensya is to help bring about progress and success to our partners through a battery of contact management and business excellence solutions, designed to liberate their potential and transform key business functions to take them to new levels of performance and excellence.

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