وظائف شاغرة للعمل لدى غرفة التجارة الأمريكية في الأردن.

وظائف شاغرة للعمل لدى غرفة التجارة الأمريكية في الأردن. 

إعلان توظيف لدى غرفة التجارة الأمريكية في الأردن 


Established in 1999, the American Chamber of Commerce in Jordan (AmCham-Jordan) is one of the largest and the most active international business association in the country with over 320 members companies. AmCham is a pro-active, forward-thinking, business-progressive association. Our mission is to create solid and sustainable value for our members. Our membership includes American companies and Jordanian and third-country companies with significant U.S. business interests. AmCham is an independent, non-partisan business organization. At the moment, AmCham-Jordan is heading the chamber strong AmCham- MENA association. AmCham-Jordan strives to enhance bilateral trade between Jordan and the United States. AmCham creates an environment for business matchmaking attracting national and international local investment related to Jordan-U.S. relationships.

Our goal is to provide the information and facilitate the access and connections that give members insight into the local, regional, and global operating environment, enhance their professional capabilities, and enable them to make well-informed business decisions. This is particularly important during the COVID-19 pandemic that shakes and re-structures global supply-chains and demand-chains. 

The American Chamber of Commerce in Jordan has an immediate vacancy for Members Relations Specialist and Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program Specialist under the newly USAID-funded project: Middle East Economic Growth (MEG).

Job Posting 1: Members Relations Specialist


The Members Relations Specialist will build and develop relationships and is instrumental in driving all membership initiative. The Members Relations Specialist is responsible for ensuring continued sustainability, increasing the numbers of members, and maintaining the member’s satisfaction with AmCham-Jordan’s services and activities.

Deadline: December 10th, 2020


Undergraduate degree in Marketing, Business Administration, Economic or similar fields. 

Post-graduate degree such as MBA is preferred.  

Minimum of 8 years professional experience.  

Demonstrated experience in developing client relations outreach and Marketing.  

Experience in communications and/or social media management.

Experience working in multicultural organizations is also preferred. 

Strong communications skills.  

High proficiency in computer software and internet.

High proficiency in spoken and written Arabic and English. 

Key Responsibilities:​

Sets up appointments with potential members to inform them of the mission, objectives, services and activities that AmCham-Jordan offers.

Sets up appointments with each existing member every six months to ensure the satisfaction of AmCham-Jordan’s performance and services.

Collects all new and renewable membership fees.

Achieve new members and membership renewal target as agreed on and stipulated in the employment contract.

Prospects and approach potential partners.

Keeps updated records of all members’ contact and company information.

Creates updated briefs on all member companies in the form of page description on the company, its management, services and activities.

Undertakes all organizational aspects of membership related events such as dinners, luncheons, performances etc. and attends all welcome events.

Organizes all Membership Development Committee (MDC) meetings in cooperation with MDC Chairperson, attends the meetings, takes minutes of meetings and ensures that they are sent to committee members.

Prepares weekly reports and briefs on a demand-driven basis, to enhance further the members experience.

Support Business development department in identifying viable programs and activities based on member’s feedback cross sectoral.

Actively involved in design of programs for Business Development Department as well as surveys –Trainings-sales & Marketing of programs.

Manage marketing /sales and fundraising activities with related admin follow up and reporting.

Job Posting 2: Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program Specialist


The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program Specialist will lead AmCham-Jordan’s work for its programming, outreach, and public policy activities in the area of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Human Capital in Jordan. He / she will manage all the digital tools of AmCham-Jordan. The Program Specialist will report to the Chief Executive Officer and will work closely with AmCham-Jordan’s team to establish the agenda for outreach and engagement as well as advocacy in innovation and entrepreneurship in Jordan, and the U.S.

The incumbent will be responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders from within and outside the local startup community, including government representatives, policy makers, corporates, entrepreneurs, and local NGOs. The incumbent will also be responsible for identifying as well as initiating partnership opportunities with U.S.-based companies and facilitating conversations and programming efforts between local and U.S.-based organizations and companies, including VCs, investors, speakers, entrepreneurs, and relevant stakeholders.

Moreover, the Program Specialist will be responsible for designing and implementing programs on intellectual property, transfer of knowledge, access to finance, knowledge production, among others. The incumbent must be extremely organized, and effective in developing, communicating, and pitching a strategy that creates opportunities for local entrepreneurs, as well as those interested in engaging with the local startup ecosystem from the U.S.

Deadline: December 10th, 2020


Undergraduate degree in Business Administration, Public administration, Business Information Technology, or similar Social Sciences fields. 

Post-graduate Degree such as MBA is preferred.  

Minimum of 4 years professional experience. 

Demonstrated experience in project management and/or outreach experience.  

Demonstrated passion and interest in entrepreneurship, innovation, and startups, and a deep understanding of the startup ecosystem landscape, current and emerging trends, opportunities and challenges for Jordanian startups and entrepreneurs.

Experience in communications and/or social media management.

Experience working in multicultural organizations is also preferred. 

High proficiency in computer software and internet. 

High proficiency in spoken and written Arabic and English.  

Key Responsibilities:​

Design, plan, and manage AmCham-Jordan’s outreach programs and strategies on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Manage, lead and update all digital tools and channels of AmCham-Jordan.

Develop a map of existing, relevant initiatives in Jordan, and use that to inform the design of AmCham-Jordan’s programming in this area.

Help develop our network of startups and entrepreneurs in both Jordan, and the U.S.

Support in building a pipeline of startup accelerator applicants to potential programming in the U.S., and Jordan.

Engage with our partners in Jordan, and the U.S. to ensure they receive the highest level of service.

Building the program curriculum including scheduling and management of speakers from Jordan, and the U.S.

Onboarding of mentors and startups once the program begins.

Manage the ‘daily pulse’ of the program ensuring all our startups, mentors and partners are well taken care of and operations are running smoothly.

Prepare, plan and execute on ad-hoc events including an investor Demo Day at the conclusion of the program.

Work with stakeholders to Identify a value proposition that will highlight Jordan’s country-specific advantage (e.g. Jordan being an exporter of ICT talent to the region)

Work with stakeholders to benchmark Jordan against comparable ITO/BPO destinations

Work with stakeholders to develop a comprehensive strategy that will establish Jordan as an ITO/BPO destination with a prominent footprint on the global digital map with the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Digital Economy.

To identify and secure the interest and support of U.S. companies to establish operations in Jordan.

To activate global lead generation through virtual services while building networks to promote the jurisdiction to companies with Investor Signals.

To identify FDI tech projects willing to consider Jordan from North America and other areas of the world.

Help prepare weekly bullet points of activities and successes of the week.

Help prepare monthly report of activities, people and organization met, results and success stories.

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