مطلوب موظفات للعمل في مؤسسة مواد غذائية.

مطلوب موظفات للعمل في مؤسسة مواد غذائية. 

مطلوب موظف أو موظفة مشتريات عدد 1. 

 للعمل لدي مؤسسة مواد غذائية كبرى بعمان

التخصصات المطلوبة :





1 purchasing employee required

  To work for a major foodstuff corporation in Amman, according to the following conditions:

 1. He must be a Jordanian citizen.

 2. He must hold an academic qualification of no less than a diploma in one of the commercial specialties in management, accounting, economics and finance.

 3. To be fluent in using the computer and its software.

 4. To be fluent in English, writing, reading and speaking.

 5. He must have experience of no less than 3 years in the same field, specifically in commercial malls such as Carrefour, Safeway or Cosmo ..

 6. To work in a team spirit and bear work pressure.

 7. People who own a car are preferred.

 The institution provides a comfortable and appropriate work environment

  Anyone who finds himself competent and experienced only in the field of procurement must send his CV to the next email and within 3 days from the date of today, Thursday 12-24-2020 with specifying the job title with the email address.

  The requests of those who do not meet the conditions will be neglected.

 [email protected]

 All requests will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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