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Marketing Broadband Retention Supervisor

امنيةمحافظة عمان عمان الأردن.

Job Brief:

Responsible for developing retention and customer value management programs for various broadband segments and define the roadmap for the different programs. The job also includes handling and managing the program on an ongoing basis, manages program performance against operating plans and budgets, lead the development of new features and coordinate with different external partners and departments, all with the aim of enhancing customers satisfaction and reduce churn rate.

Key Responsibilities:

Evaluate current customer's profiles and segments based on revenues, behavior, demographics and psychographics.

Create new bundles based on behavior, demographics and psychographics

Generate Monthly Reports

Design and implement the Loyalty program, with emphasis on bringing value to the customer and increasing engagement

Reduce Churn rate

Increase customer LTV

Increase customer satisfaction

Track results and create dashboards to monitor the life time value of subscribers

Weekly & Monthly dashboards

Create new reports & dashboard

Work with product owners and cross-functional teams to create and launch special loyalty campaigns within the program to drive loyalty and revenue

Design new loyalty programs

Increase retention revenues

Track any customer complaints related to the program and solve the problem in a timely manner. In addition, develop customer service policies and standards within the loyalty program to ensure the highest customer satisfaction levels.

Develop customer service policies

Review customer journey

Track customer complaints

Execute valid test and control experiments for campaigns, offers, etc. Examine customer data (engagement, redemptions, and behavior patterns) and develop performance metrics associated with the program

Keep Customer updated with offers & new solutions

Track campaign performance

Enhance campaign based on performance

Campaign validity

Leadership & Managerial Responsibilities:

Provide guidance, instruction and direction to team members

Assign roles and work load distribution, setting objectives

Act as a point of reference for team in issues related to company strategy and direction (top down approach)

Assure that all his/her team member are following Umniah policies and procedures and highlight any violation for the code of conduct

Document the division policies and procedures in coordination with the Quality Assurance

Manage the administrational requirements of his/her team (Attendance, Job Description...)

Plan and organize the work of team members

Provide needed development for team members (coordinate with his direct management and HR)

Provide coaching and performance feedback to team members

Manage team's performance (Performance appraisal is part of this cycle)

Define the division budget

Set the division annual plan in alignment with the department and company direction/strategy

Manage the division performance and assign projects


Retain talents and recommend actions with low performers

Guarantee business continuity in his/her division

Key Competencies:

Core Competencies:

Accountability and Result Drive

Stakeholders Focus (Customer Care, internal and external customers)

Communication Skills

Work Ethics and Values

Functional Competencies:


Selling & Relationships Building Skills

Planning & Organization

Problem Identification and Solving


Analytical Thinking

Organization Agility Business Insight

Leadership Competencies:

Decision Making

Managing Teams


Education: Bachelor Degree in Marketing, Business, Data Science, Data Analytics, Industrial Engineering, Telecom Engineering or any other related field

Level of Experience: a minimum of 7 years of experience in a related field.



Bachelor Degree

MS Excel related Certificates

Power BI and Data visualization related certificates

Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Science related certificates.


Master degree in Marketing, Industrial Engineering, Data Science, Data Analytics, business administration

PMP certificate

Tools & Systems:


Excellent command of MS Office

Excellent command of Power BI

Excellent command with SAS, Big Data and Data Analytics platforms

Excellent command with campaign management systems.


A working knowledge with Hadoop

A working knowledge with Microsoft, Micro Strategy and Customer Experience Management (CEM) platforms.

Technical Skills & Knowledge:


Advanced experience in Customer Value and Base Management.

Ability to do SWOT analysis

Ability to do competitive analysis

Advanced experience in transferring data analytics and visualization into business decisions

Experience in project planning and management

Responsible for customer experience


A knowledge in retention, customer value management and sales channels

Intermediate skills in negotiation techniques.

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مستوى متوسط الأقدمية. 

نوع الوظيفة :

دوام كامل. 

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