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A warehouse keeper is required to work for Vine

 Main job responsibiliti es

It performs the tasks that help the main warehouse keeper to perform his duties

 It receives the materials inside the warehouse, and coordinates - as needed - with the Quality and Consumer Department to conduct the necessary checks to ensure compliance with the specifications

 He supervises the uploading and downloading process and arranging the materials according to the followed procedures

 He receives the material exchange vouchers, and prepares the orders according to the existing procedures

 Notifies the existence of any defect or damage in the existing goods, to take the necessary measures

 Participates in the daily and annual program of the warehouse system, making sure of the proper entry of restrictions, and helps solve problems, if any

 Assists and participates in warehouse inventory, to ensure system integrity

 Executes the daily checklist, to enable the auditor to follow up on work performance and results

 It contributes to increasing awareness of the necessity to supply the goods in accordance with the standards, thus contributing to reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction

 The machines operate the materials to help transport the materials inside the warehouse, according to the existing work procedures, while maintaining their maintenance

 Maintains the cleanliness of the workplace, and its compliance with occupational safety and health procedures

 Ensures that general safety standards are in place and implemented when storing, handling, and loading

 Required qualifications and experience

 Five years experience in the same field

 The ability to work as a team

 Ability to work under pressure

For those interested, please send their CV to the following email:

[email protected]

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