أكثر من 70 فرصة عمل لدى شركات ومحلات مختلفة من كلا الجنسين.

أكثر من 70 فرصة عمل لدى شركات ومحلات مختلفة من كلا الجنسين. 

1- A cash van sales representative is required who has experience in selling candy, holds a driving license and has the ability to withstand work pressure and achieve goals. Submit requests with interviews daily from 8 am to 10 am at the company's headquarters located on the station signals.

 2- A design employee is required, fluent in design programs (Photoshop) and others, to work in a printing press whose location is in the Abu Alanda area next to the "Great Mosque". For those who are interested please contact the director directly. Number: 0795509600

 3- A seamstress is required, with a salary of 300, a month, a age from 20 to 30 years.

 4- A barista is required to work in the coffe house (opining). Full time I saw the entire work in Ma'an Governorate (the Kasbah) secured housing next to the workplace Note: The salary may be increased according to the person’s experience. Contact WhatsApp by sending cv 0796041628

 5- A female secretary who has good previous experience is required to be a programmer or programmer, C Sharp and Mvc have good experience in systems. For serious people only, send the CV to the email: [email protected] for contact and inquiries.

6- A sales employee is required for a furniture showroom in New Zarqa - Zarqa residents - Experience in sales of at least 3 years - Proficient in the Microsoft office Please send the CV to the number 067093190

 7- A civil engineer is required, fluent in the use of sketchup and Autocad software, whoever has a car is preferred, please contact WhatsApp 0792895952

 8- A worker is required to prepare pizza and Italian food to work for a restaurant in the Seventh Circle area according to the following conditions: Previous experience in preparing pizza and Italian food or a training certificate in the same field Academic qualification: Basic education and training institute graduates - specializing in the production of bread and pastries are preferred. Salary: 400-450 dinars, depending on efficiency. For those interested: Kindly send your CV or profile of qualifications or experiences via WhatsApp only to the number 0790162217

 9- A technician is required to maintain a barista and winding coffee and snack machines to work in a full-time company. Please send the CV to the following email: [email protected]

 10- A nanny is required to take care of children in Northern Marka. A nursery is required in Northern Marka / 0796042979

 11- Marketing employee who graduated from Israa University with excellent or very good grades is required to work within a cadre of a training academy on the university street to contact: 0779685212

12- Representatives and sales representatives are required at a marketing company for a home cleaning device. A car is not required and experience is not required. Contact times are from 11 am to 6 pm. Please do not disturb outside of these times. To contact the following numbers: 0795003370 0777779131

 13- A representative or sales representative, number 7, is required to work within one of the company’s branches in the direct marketing department through prior appointments. Conditions of employment 1- Full-time employment 2- Having a car 3- Tawjihi as a minimum 4- Having a leadership personality 5- It is preferable to have a previous experience in sales Features 1 - Fixed salary 2- Social security 3- Sales incentives 4- Work development 5- Health insurance Note Employees are required for the Khalda branch only. 3 secretary is required to work inside the company. / 797999013

 14- A field marketer is required for a spice and spice operator with a commission. For inquiries, please call the following number 0795188788

 15- Female marketing and telephone sales employees are required for a specialized agency company in the field of skin care and hair, office or home from 10 pm to 4 pm, with fixed income 450 other than commissions in addition to guarantee and insurance. Experience or specialization is not required to apply for inquiries and submission. Please send the name and an effective phone number on WhatsApp 0789620742 so that we can Call you back

 16- A female receptionist is required to work at a kitchen exhibition in Jubaiha, and always immediately, and experience is required: 0795383639

 17- Required to work for a training academy and an auditing company for a financial collection employee under the conditions * Experienced and familiar with the collection * Proficiency in working on the Excel program * Has a strong and tactful personality for dealing with anyone who finds himself in compliance with the conditions Please send the CV, to the email: jobs.cv404 @ gmail.com with the vacancy name mentioned in the subject field.

 18- A freight and machinery company that needs accountants and accountants with at least 3 years of experience and it is preferable for someone who has sufficient experience in writing and recording daily entries and financial movements, following up on suppliers, preparing salaries, tax returns, the audit balance and financial statements. The gas signal is preferred from the areas near the company’s location in the belt. To submit requests, please send your CV to the following email: [email protected]

 19- A major industrial company next to the Zarqa Free Zone needs an employee with a diploma in laboratories, experience, factories, sending CV to the following e-mail [email protected]

 20- We are looking for a developer and programmer / Java / PHP English is very important, development and work will be done remotely with foreign programmers. Conversational background and software is important. Your job is a conversation, tracking workflow, clarifying problems and requirements, and we may need even initial experience in the ux / ui field. Files Included JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Layered PNG Software VersionPHP 7.x, MySQL 5.x To communicate, please send the CV via email and write to us in the e-mail about yourself a simple profile + expected salary. [email protected]

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