مطلوب عدد من الموظفات براتب 220 دينار.

مطلوب عدد من الموظفات ولا يشترط الخبرة و براتب 220 دينار وعمولات حد أدنى توجيهي. 

شركة خدمات تجارية تعلن عن حاجتها لعدد من الموظفات. 

A commercial service company that advertises its need for several female employees

 Female employees to work for a company in Irbid working in the field of commercial services to work within its internal departments and experience is not required

 220 salaries and commissions

 Required qualifications:

 _Directive as a minimum

 _Very good in communication skills

 _ Tactful handling and strength of character

 _ The skill of working within the team

 _ To be from Irbid and its environs

 Working hours are from 9 to 3 hours

 * Once the application is submitted, the interview is immediate ...

 Contact: 0786207180

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