منظّمة مواهب بلا حدود للحصول على وظائف في أستراليا وكندا والمملكة المتّحدة.

للحصول على وظائف في أستراليا وكندا والمملكة المتّحدة. 

وظائف خارج المملكة 

الهجرة الى استراليا 2020 مجاناً، فرص عمل في استراليا 2020، قائمة المهن المطلوبة في استراليا 2020، الهجرة الى استراليا 2020 بدون شروط، وظائف في كندا 2020، الوظائف المطلوبة في كندا 2020، المهن المطلوبة في نيوزيلندا 2020، الهجرة إلى استراليا 2020 مجانا، المهن المطلوبة في استراليا ٢٠٢٠. 

منظّمة مواهب بلا حدود للحصول على وظائف في أستراليا وكندا والمملكة المتّحدة. 

Welcome to 'Talents Without Borders'

Talent Handbook is an online platform designed by Talents Without Borders to record the skills and talents of refugees and other displaced and displaced persons. Registration for the talent directory is free. This site is available in Arabic and English. 

مطلوب فوراً للعمل في المانيا. 

Talents without limits

Talents Without Borders' mission is to open international visa pathways for refugees and other internally displaced and forcibly displaced persons, in order to use their skills and talents as a path towards regaining their self-reliance and ensuring their safety. 

فتح باب الهجرة إلى كندا للعرب

Talents Without Borders is a non-profit organization linked by a cooperation agreement with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. We play the role of connecting people who have been displaced or have been displaced as a result of conflict, and we help them to find job opportunities in different countries around the world where their skills are required, and we also help them to overcome barriers to migration.

مطلوب محاسب للعمل في العراق فوراً.

 Anyone can create their own 'Talent Directory' file; By sharing information about your past jobs and skills, you contribute to demonstrating the range and depth of talents that displaced and displaced people have. 

However, at present, the Talent Without Borders program is only available to IDPs who are currently in Lebanon and Jordan to find jobs in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. 

We will continue to update this website, our website, and our social media pages, noting any modifications or changes to our program. You can learn more about Talents Without Borders at the following address: Click here.

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