فرص للعمل في السعودية و براتب يصل إلى ١٧ الف دولار.

فرص للعمل في السعودية و براتب يصل إلى ١٧ الف دولار. 

Hiring - Construction Manager - IWP in Saudi Arabia

The project is a large freshwater reverse osmosis desalination plant with a captive power plant in a relatively remote area in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The construction manager will report to the CEO and work for the developer / owner.

The main responsibilities will be to manage the project implementation of the reverse osmosis freshwater plant from the design review stage through to operation. This will be done with the support of the owners of engineers.

Candidates must be degree-qualified and have 15 years of site management experience on complex EPC projects. Previous experience with desalination plants at SWRO is a must, and additional experience with power plants is a bonus.

This role is located in a relatively remote area and candidates should be comfortable working on a residential basis there.

Salary from $ 15,000 to $ 17,000 per month plus benefits.

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