شركة جديدة في الأردن تطلب عدد من الموظفين في العديد من المجالات.

شركة جديدة في الأردن  تطلب عدد من الموظفين في العديد من المجالات. 

فرص عمل لدى شركة جديدة 

مطلوب للعمل لدى شركة جديدة في كافة المجالات. 

We are hiring

Great opportunity to join a company based in the heart of the city in a very diverse region.

This is a great opportunity to work with a very well established branch in Jordan and Saudi Arabia and to take your experience to the next level.

We are looking for jobs:


Executive Assistant


Social Media Specialist


Digital Media Supervisor

Social Media Analyst

Social Media Strategist

Social Media Marketing Manager

Multimedia designer

Graphic designer


If this company and position appeals to you, please complete the Job Application Form:

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