وظائف شاغرة في صندوق الأمان لمستقبل الايتام

مطلوب للعمل لدى صندوق الأمان لمستقبل الأيتام. 

مطلوب للعمل لدى صندوق الأمان. 

Training Officer

الوصف ومتطلبات الوظيفة

Main Job Purpose

Training Coordinator is responsible for the design, implementation, follow up, and evaluation of the capacity building and educational programs for the youth benefiting from Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans. , in addition to initiating partnerships and mapping of all relevant local community based organizations, training service providers, subject matter experts, youth organizations, and any entity that supports the implementation of the capacity building program plan. Training Coordinator is expected to be familiar with the training needs and requirements and able to closely follow up on the development of youth skills and capabilities. 

Main Roles & Responsibilities  

Identify training needs and mapping out development plans for youth

Design and develop training programs (outsourced and/or in-house)

Searching and updating the team on all global competencies and skills needed for youth, stay up-to-date on new training methods and techniques, and reflecting them on the section’s annual training plans.

 implementing the capacity building and educational program annual plan implementation of the trainings plan for the youth benefiting from the Fund,, including workshops, capacity building programs, training courses and related activities, in addition to insuring training budget and logistics needs identified per training are efficiently addressed.

Design, prepare and order educational aids and materials

Follow up and assess the development and impact of those programs on youth skills and knowledge

Attending all training sessions and monitoring the implementation of training programs and workshops as well as submitting the needed reports to the direct manager.

Searching for the available trainings opportunities and provide the necessary information to the direct manager.

Gather feedback from trainers and trainees after each educational session

Building a comprehensive training network and database contains (volunteering trainers, partners ..etc)

Writing and submitting proposals related to the capacity building and educational programs

Maintain updated materials database (PDL) and training records for all beneficiaries.

Preparing the logistical matters related to the implementation and ensuring the availability of the necessary materials for the Training (Training venue, stationery, hospitality, tools and equipment).

initiating partnerships with all relevant stakeholders

Participate in developing policies, procedures, guidelines, eligibility and evaluation criteria, KPIs and reports related to support and programs section

Contribute to the section strategy in coordination with the team

Support Programs Manager in any other tasks relevant to the section.

Job Communications 


All Fund’s support departments 


Training service providers.

Community based organizations and orphanages

Training freelancers

Subject matter experts

youth benefiting from the Fund’s scholarships

local accelerators and hubs


Job Qualifications 

Education Level 


Bachelor's degree in humanitarian and Social Sciences or any related field.

TOT certificate is a plus.

Years Of Experiences

A minimum 3 years’ experience in social development including youth development ​


Excellent written and spoken English and Arabic skills.

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