وظائف شاغرة للعمل لدى مؤسسة نهر الاردن.

وظائف شاغرة للعمل لدى مؤسسة نهر الاردن. 

وظائف مؤسسة نهر الأردن 

مؤسسة نهر الأردن رقم هاتف، موقع مؤسسة نهر الأردن، مؤسسة نهر الأردن اربد، مؤسسة نهر الأردن العقبة، ما هي مؤسسة نهر الأردن، مؤسسة نهر الأردن تطوع، تطوع براتب. 

تبحث مؤسسة نهر الاردن عن توظيف مايلي  :

Project Manager

Core Responsibilities:

Leads the process of revising, editing, consolidation and finalization of progress/final reporting packages to ensure compliance with donor and JRF policies and guidelines, consistency and coherence prior to the final submission to donors; 

Coordinates the timely submission of project proposals to donors, reporting and financial documents; provides guidelines, instructions, suggestions, recommendations to Projects Manager regarding operational and financial situations to ensure their alignment with agreement stipulations and reporting requirements; monitors project implementation in accordance with approved proposals, advises corrective actions to concerned parties; checks, inspects and ensures high quality and accuracy of final documents shared with donors; 

Coordinates the timely completion of the tasks along the project management cycle including assignment of a project-code and preparation of a grant summary sheet upon signing of the agreement, allocation of funds under the project, extending recommendations to Finance colleagues to take financial actions related to treatment of remaining balances, interests, exchange rate, financial discrepancies related to issued financial statements, and closing completed projects once all donors’ requirements are met;

Provides guidance for the regular update of information on grant agreements, reporting requirements, project chronology and contractual amendments for those projects included in the assigned portfolio of responsibilities;

Provides operational and technical guidance and recommendations to Project team, on projects related issues including formulation of project proposals and progress/final reports in line with JRF guidelines and policies;

Is responsible for the day-to-day management of the project ensuring successful implementation of the work plans/ activities by the project team/activities;

Establishes and administers the project’s overall budget; monitors expenditures against the project financial resources in coordination with the Finance Department;

Prepares reports with updates on the progress of project implementation for key stakeholders; prepares presentations, drafts correspondence and provides intermediate and final narrative reports in accordance with the agreement signed with the donor;

Ensures the highest standard of monitoring and evaluation of the project by conducting periodic reviews to identify delays and gaps, and recommend potential resolution;

Provides particular emphasis on Project Cycle Management techniques, development of logic frameworks in project management and “lessons learned”; develops organizational capacity of the project;


- Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, or any relevant field.

- PMP/PMD Certificate

- Excellent English and Arabic language skills (written and spoken)

- Solid Experience in the management and development of Livelihood and Youth projects

- Experience within Social Innovation projects

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