مطلوب موظفين عدد ٤ للعمل لدى منظمة هولندية في الاردن برواتب ممتازة.

مطلوب موظفين عدد ٤ للعمل لدى منظمة هولندية  في الاردن برواتب ممتازة. 

 تبحث منظمة طفل الحرب - هولندا في الاردن عن توظيف  :

 تبحث منظمة طفل الحرب - هولندا في الاردن عن توظيف  :

Transcriber  four opportunities

Rate per hour of recording is

144 Jds (one hundred and forty four Jds) estimated to be 12 hours of recordings per month for two months

Start date

Beginning to mid Dec ( full time attention required as soon as the recording is available)

Brief description 

War Child Holland (WCH) is an independent and impartial international non-governmental organization investing in a peaceful future for children and young people affected by armed conflict. We strive to empower children and young people while enabling adults to bring about positive and lasting change in the lives of conflict affected children and young people.

As part of our care system for children affected by armed conflict, the Research and Development Department will be developing and testing a family-focused intervention in Jordan, with funding from GIZ.

While the language used for data collection is Arabic, the research team will require the raw data (collected in the form of Focus Group Discussions (FGD) and Key Informant Interview (KII) audio recordings) to be simultaneously translated and transcribed in English.

Objective of the job

The recruited persons will support the Nurturing Families Research Project in Jordan as a transcribers and translators. As part of this assignment, the transcribers will be responsible for the verbatim transcription and translation of qualitative data (Interviews, FGDs) recordings from Jordanian, Syrian, and Iraqi families residing in the eastern Amman area (Hashmi Al Shamali). For this phase of the research, we’ll be collecting approximately 90 hours-worth of qualitative data recordings . The assignment is expected to begin in early to mid-December 2020. While we will be dividing the material across 3-4 different transcribers, highest preference will go to those able to take on a larger portion of the recordings themselves. Selected candidates will be contracted on monthly basis for the duration of two months. During the two months, they’ll be expected to work on the transcription of 22 -30 hours’ worth of recordings each. The assignment is for phase I, similar assignment will be available during phase II and phase III of the research June 2021 and Dec 2021 transcribers chosen for this assignment whom proved good quality work will be asked to continue with future assignments.

Result areas (max 5)

Provision of Verbatim Arabic to English Translated Transcripts:

Performance Objective: The adherence to the relevant War Child and Research Policies.



Knowledge and familiarity with at least one of the local dialects spoken by the participants in East Amman- Jordanian, Iraqi, or Syrian.

Familiarity with more than one of these dialects is highly preferred.


At least one year of proven experience in the transcription of Arabic audio files and simultaneous translation into English.

Prior experience on translation of MHPSS, psychological, medical materials from Arabic to English is highly preferred.


The ability to provide directly translated transcripts from Arabic to English.

Time management skills and the ability to promptly work on transcription as recordings are received.


Responsiveness and ability to provide transcriptions in a timely manner is a must.

Apply by sending your CV and cover letter to :

[email protected] before 18 Nov 2020

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