مطلوب موظفين للعمل لدى منظمة كير العالمية في الأردن.

مطلوب موظفين للعمل لدى منظمة كير العالمية في الأردن. 

مطلوب للعمل لدى منظمة دولية في الأردن 

تقديم طلب توظيف في منظمة كير، وظائف شاغرة في المنظمات الدولية 2020، وظائف شاغرة في المنظمات الدولية في الأردن 2020، منظمة كير الدولية، وظائف منظمة كير في الأردن، وظائف في منظمات غير ربحية في الأردن. 

ترغب منظمة كير في الأردن  عن توظيف  :


Welcome! We are happy to see you are interested in applying for a job at CARE. We are really excited that you’ve chosen us. Our staff, along with the individuals that we serve, future and present, are our top priority, and therefore, it is important that we remain committed to CARE’s Core Values ( http://www.care.org/about/mission-vision ) .

إعلان توظيف للعمل لدى برنامج متطوعي الأمم المتحدة - UNV LTD.

Before moving forward in the application process, please read and carefully consider the following:

CARE is dedicated to improving the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalized people around the world, with a special focus on helping women and girls. We are committed to ensuring that our programs and operations are conducted in a manner that is safe for our staff and the people we serve.

As a result, all offers of employment are contingent upon the results of a thorough background check, which includes among other things, prior employment and education verifications, criminal history checks, and at times, credit history checks for positions that involve management of CARE's funds.

Protection from Sexual Harassment, Exploitation, or Abuse

All CARE representatives are prohibited from engaging in any activity that may constitute or result in the sexual exploitation or abuse of anyone we support through our work. In addition, we actively ensure that our staff are not subjected to any form of discrimination or harassment. All CARE representatives are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with this zero-tolerance commitment and obligation, and all complaints relating to this policy are taken very seriously by the organization and are fully investigated.

وظائف شاغرة للعمل لدى اليونسكو في الأردن.

As part of the recruitment process, we have designed and implemented assessment processes to ensure we only select applicants who are suitable to work with the people we serve. We will ask each applicant questions related to allegations of sexual exploitation, abuse, and/or harassment made against that applicant and may confirm the accuracy of information provided with prior employers.

Criminal Records

CARE is committed to ensuring that qualified applicants with criminal backgrounds receive the same consideration as any other applicant when their record has no bearing on job requirements. We therefore invite you to apply for any position you believe you are qualified for, regardless of your background.

وظائف شاغرة للعمل لدى جمعية العون الصحي الأردنية الدولية.

Given the nature of our work, however, it is necessary that CARE complete a criminal background check on all final candidates through its employment screening service. Final candidates must complete and return a background check form authorizing that check. Arrests or convictions are not an automatic bar to employment; however, the following factors will be considered for applicants with a criminal history: the nature of the crime and its relationship to the position and our mission; the time since the offense; the number of offenses; and whether the assignment could pose a risk to CARE's operations, employees, beneficiaries, and/or donors.

Prior Employment, Education, and References

 We will also carry out prior employment and education checks to verify the accuracy of information provided by applicants, confirm dates of employment, roles, and responsibilities, and consider any other information provided or obtained from publicly-available sources. As a consequence, CARE will check references you have provided and contact the HR departments of prior employers to obtain such information.

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وظائف شاغرة للعمل لدى منظمة ميرسي كور الدولية في الأردن.

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