وظائف شاغرة للعمل لدى وكالة الانماء الامريكية USAID في الأردن

وظائف شاغرة للعمل لدى وكالة الانماء الامريكية USAID في الأردن 

USAID announces vacancies with the "Takamul" program

USAID announces the “Takamul” program that it needs (Activity Coordinators) to support logistics services and monitor activities across Jordan. Activity Coordinators will be responsible for managing cash payments, providing documentation supporting costs, attending activities, and writing reports.

An activity coordinator is required at each of the following locations:

Tafila - Irbid - Junction - Salt - Madaba.

Depending on the location, the Activities Coordinator will work approximately 5 to 12 days during the month between now and the end of January 2021, with the Activities Coordinators working on an advisory basis.

Required responsibilities:

Based on the schedule of USAID “Takamul” partners in the different geographic regions, the activities coordinator will be responsible for the following:

1- Buying materials necessary for activities, such as toiletries and office supplies. Balancing the value of purchases and expenses by sending receipts and an expense report.

2- Managing the distribution of transportation allowance for participants.

3- Monitor the implemented activities and submit a written report on each activity, including photos.

4- Ensure that the registration papers and surveys are completed and submitted to the USAID “Takamul” program.


1- All activity coordinators must have a bank account, a tax number, the ability to have constant access to the computer and a permanent connection to the Internet, the ability to take pictures (through a smartphone at least), the ability to access a printer and / or scanner is an advantage. Additive.

2- Excellent written and speaking communication skills in Arabic, at least an intermediate level of English is preferred.

3- The ability to prepare documents and files via Word and Excel programs.

4- The ability to plan and manage information in an organized manner.

5- Experience in dealing with cash and tracking it when spending in a responsible manner.

6- Experience in writing summary reports.

7- Has a professional and ethical behavior.

8- Previous experience with international organizations is a good plus.

To apply for the mentioned position:

For those who find themselves competence and meet the conditions, please send a CV with the title “Takamul Market Activity Coordinator” to:

[email protected]

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