مطلوب مترجم أو مترجمة بدوام كامل

مطلوب مترجم أو مترجمة بدوام كامل 

مطلوب مترجم أو مترجمة بدوام كامل 

TORs Translator full time

Al Marji’ Publications is seeking a full time translator who has a high level of work ethics, is well versed in current affairs, is fluent in both Arabic and English, is a team player and works well in a structured environment.

We are seeking a professional with multiple skills, analytical mind and who continuously strives for career development through regular training.

شروط الوظيفة :

The following skills are required for this post:

• High work ethics

• BA degree in translation

• Minimum of two years’ experience working in the media (preferable)

• Excellent command of written Arabic and English

• Excellent writing skills and the ability to write material for publication including press releases, articles, etc…

• Ability to translate from English into Arabic and vice versa

• Ability to translate different types of literature including but not limited to medical, food, fashion articles

• Pays attention to detail

• Is Up-to –date with local, regional and global news and events

• Reads newspapers and watches the news daily

• Adheres to deadlines and works within systems

• Excellent organizational and time management skills

• Sharing final translations, photos and articles in a timely manner with experts and relevant parties for feedback and documentation

• Displays a positive attitude under pressure and at all times

• Reviews drafts and ensures that they are corrected properly and reflect all input received. This requires close coordination with the designer and all parties

• Proactive and is ready to take the extra mile to ensure that work is completed at any time

• Ensures that information is accurate

• Excellent social media skills: the staff member is expected to have daily social media input as per a weekly schedule with set targets and uploading newsletters and websites

• Ability to identify and purchase images for social media

• Organise and attend formal meetings such as signing ceremonies by liaising with partners for press releases, photography, setup of banners, etc..

• Ensures that social media, posting of translated articles and other commitments made to partners are followed and monitored

• Analyzes social media output

• Monitors websites and social media platforms in terms of quality and interaction users (monitoring platforms is every day)

• Tabulates material disseminated to media

• Database collection skills: the staff member is expected to update different types of data for both English and Arabic databases

• Daily purchase of images with a target of set images purchased per month

• Ability to coordinate with multiple partners and deliver on agreed terms

التقديم :

Please send your CV to hr@almarjipublications.com, please write in the subject of your email “full time translator via facebook”

مطلوب مترجم عن بعد 2020

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