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Community Operations Leader

Location -Amman , ,Jordan (JO) 

Job ID -3016

Key Responsibilities:

 Understand the business need of new products and what is required from the Digital team to bring these products to life.

Evaluate and design new technical requirements as needed to aid all LMI Stakeholders and LMI Teams.

Request new technical requirements from the digital team and follow up till these requirements are delivered.

Provide technical support to LMI Stakeholders and other LMI functions and report any technical issues to the related party for resolution.

Request and track Fleet Vest stocks across the globe and ensure that each station has enough Fleet vests as required.

Test new technology with collaboration with the digital team and report bugs and issues to the digital team and ensure the issues are resolved.

Take initiative in building small tools and calculators that offer higher efficiency and quicker completion of tasks for Community Operations and other LMI functions.

Design brochures and videos regarding LMI Modalities involving updates and community outreach for all stakeholders.

Design PowerPoint presentations to be used by the Last Mile Innovation team whenever needed.

Collaborate with the marketing team to deliver marketing campaigns to LMI Stakeholders.

Analyze processes and identify potential areas of improvement.

 Support other functions in parallel with regular duties.

Job Requirements

Communicates ideas both verbally and in written form in a clear, concise, and professional manner.

Expert in Microsoft Excel.

Expert in C# with experience in building applications.

Knowledge in Adobe Photoshop

Knowledge in Adobe After Effects

Team skills, including the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships both internally and externally.

Knowledge in data collection systems or a proven ability to apply new systems effectively

Personal commitment to stay up-to-date with all technology related concepts.

Ability to analyze and solve problems efficiently

High work ethic.

Flexibility, versatility, and dependability.

Great communication skills to be able to deliver the right message across to different parties in any given scenario.

Ability to thrive in a challenging working atmosphere.

2-4 years of Experiene in IT.

Bachelors Degree in IT.

Company Overview:

Since our founding in 1982 we have grown to become a world leader in comprehensive transport and delivery solutions for business and consumers.

 Headquartered in Dubai, at the heart of the world’s most dynamic commercial hub and on the site of historic trade routes linking east and west, commerce and transport are deeply embedded in Aramex’s DNA.

 We are dedicated to transforming the face of trade, expanding our operations rapidly to better connect businesses and consumers worldwide.

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