وظائف شاغرة للعمل لدى منظمة أكتد الدولية في الأردن

مطلوب موظفين للعمل لدى منظمة أكتد الدولية في الأردن 

مطلوب موظفين للعمل لدى منظمة أكتد الدولية في الأردن

Project Assistant | Field Monitor (subject to fund confirmation)

الوصف ومتطلبات الوظيفة

Job Purpose

The Project Assistant – Field Monitor provides direct support to the project team in the preparation and delivery of project activities, including the day-to-day follow up and supervision of CfW participants at the project sites, within ACTED’s Cloth Mask Production Project in Irbid Governorate.

Project details

As part of GIZ’s Waste to (Positive) Energy program, running since 2015, GIZ has collaborated with various municipalities to improve solid waste management practices and promote recycling. The WtPE program aims at strengthening the resilience of civil society and local institutions, while creating income generating opportunities for vulnerable Jordanians and Syrian refugees involved in labor intensive material recovery and processing activities. The program further aims to have a positive impact on the environment and health of municipal residents.

Under this program, ACTED will implement a cloth mask production project using labour intensive measures (cash-for-work) to produce 40,000 cloth masks in two CBO workshops in Irbid Governorate. The project will help to reduce the high-level of waste caused by single-use surgical masks and will provide livelihood opportunities for Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians, affected by the down-town in the labour market during the out-break of COVID-19.

The project will target 30 beneficiaries during the six months of project implementation in two rotation of 40 days and 2 sites. ACTED will work with one municipality and at least 1 community-based organization (CBO) in Ramtha district. This project will require a high degree of coordination and external engagement by the project team in order to be implemented effectively, building good working relationships with all stakeholders.


Ensure the timely manufacture of 40,000 cloth face-masks at a high standard through the direct supervision and leadership of 30 CfW participants in two CBO workshops in Ramtha district.


1. Deliver the ACTED / GIZ cash for work activity, including site supervision, production process. 

2. Any other reasonable duties, as requested by line manager

CfW Site Supervision: 

3. Oversee and supervise the day-to-day ACTED CfW activities in the field 

4. Ensure ACTED and GIZ CfW documents and SOPs are implemented during the project

5. Submit all necessary CfW documentation, including CfW contracts, attendance sheets, and payment sheets to the Project Officer in a timely manner and ensure accuracy 

6. Manage the beneficiary list to ensure it is properly filled in and that each beneficiary signs for their attendance sheet on daily basis

7. Assist the Project Officer to verify the eligibility of beneficiaries following project selection criteria processes

8. Support the Project Officer to mobilize communities, arrange meetings with community leaders, partners, and site focal points, to communicate the key project messages and ensure community support on project implementation

9. Support Project Officer on meeting with local authorities’ focal points at the field level as requested

10. Ensure a proper documentation are maintained for distribution and collection of tools from beneficiaries

11. Assist Project Officer through close engagement with beneficiaries to identify potential conflicts and mitigate them via clear communication. Ensure that all conflicts and issues are reported to the Project Officer in a timely manner

12. Ensure that the workshops are sanitized on a daily basis in accordance with ACTED / GIZ COVID-19 mitigation measures

13. Ensure that all CfW participants are provided with PPE (e.g. gloves and masks) and where them as required during work hours 

Mask Production / Quality Control 

14. Oversee the day-to-day manufacture of the cloth masks, ensuring that masks are produced according to design, on time, and to a high standard

15. Ensure that adequate levels of raw material are maintained in stock and that orders for stock are placed in a timely manner 

16. Maintain stock cards in accordance with ACTED logistics procedures for the raw materials and ensure that all losses are accounted for 

17. Ensure that CfW participants are guided in the production process and corrected as necessary, to ensure the proper quality control

18. Ensure that machine breakdown / failure is reported to the Project Officer immediately and provide support where possible to fix it

19. Follow up and maintain the distribution of CfW tools/safety materials to workers and collection of the tools as per the project requirements.

20. Ensure that the production from cloth masks are well stored on stock and based on ACTED logistics procedures.

21. Oversee the daily, weekly and month production of masks according to our production plan

General duties / responsibilities 

22. Provide regular and timely updates on progress and challenges to the PO

23. Support the Project Officer to ensure that project records and documents, in particular documents that prove completion of activities (e.g. beneficiary lists, donation certificates, attendance sheets, etc.) are adequately prepared, compiled and filed according to ACTED procedures and donor specific procedures

24. Participate in communication activities through the regular collection of pictures and stories related to project activities

25. Operate following the “do no harm principles” in order to ensure project activities are safe for communities

26. Collect and apply appropriate lessons learned and best practices to current projects, and ensure these lessons learnt are pro-actively shared with supervisor, the AMEU and other team members to apply them in future project development processes.

27. Adhere to the project communication strategy with communities so that factual, objective and actionable information is provided to project stakeholders

28. Help to ensure project stakeholders are empowered to participate throughout the project cycle, and report any challenges / issues to line manager

29. Support the inclusion of the people with specific needs (PwSN) in the project wherever possible, in coordination with the PO and ACTED inclusion focal point 

30. Participate in regular project team meetings, in Amman, Mafraq and the governorates as requested by line manager 

31. Identify and refer unmet beneficiary needs to other relevant actors, through ACTED referral mechanism, in coordination with PO and Accountability Officer

32. Help to ensure that project stakeholders have a good image of ACTED, thus increasing the acceptance of ACTED’s presence and activities in the project implementation area

33. Adhere to ACTED security procedures at all times

34. Cooperate with ACTED AMEU to ensure that all project activities, including dialogue forums, are well monitored according to the agreed AME framework


• 2-3 years of relevant experience, preferably with national / international NGO

• Worked in GIZ CfW project, ideally with experience in site monitoring. 

• Technical knowledge in textiles and manufacture, clothes production 

• College educated, preferably in a related field 

• Contextual knowledge and understanding of the project areas

• Experience working with local authorities and CBOs, Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians

• Good report writing skills in Arabic and preferably English 

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills

• Good coordination and administrative skills are required for this position 

• Familiar with Microsoft Office, especially Word, Excel and Outlook (MS Exchange) 

• Ready to travel to project areas on a daily basis

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