مطلوب للعمل لدى منظمة ميرسي كور في الأردن

مطلوب للعمل لدى منظمة ميرسي كور في الأردن 

ترغب منظمة ميرسي كور في الأردن عن توظيف  

ترغب منظمة ميرسي كور في الأردن عن توظيف

Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator

الوصف ومتطلبات الوظيفة


The Water Innovations Technology (WIT) project is a 5-year $35 million USAID-funded program designed to catalyze water conservation in Jordan. Jordan is the fifth most water poor country on earth and urgent action is required to make better use of existing water resources due to economic, population, and climate pressures. The WIT will contribute to the overall objective of conserving water in Jordan, through the adoption and proven water-saving technologies and techniques, by achieving three integrated outcomes: 1) Water conserving technologies and behavior changes are adopted at the agricultural, community and household levels; 2) Access to financing for adoption of water conservation technology is improved; and 3) Institutions strengthened to support water saving technologies.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

General responsibilities:

Ensure lessons learnt and best practices are discoursed and documented.

Update and present monthly progress vs achievement of the project targets.

Review, compile and submit quarter reports and assure data quality against the standards.

Ensure compliance with relevant Mercy Corps minimum standards and donor policies and regulations.

Support the project MEL Manager in establishing and running a compiled database and updated the progress against the target tracker.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

Work with the M&E manager on the implementation of the (AMELP) Activity Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Plan both quantitative and qualitative data;

Participate in monitoring efforts to ensure full compliance with standards for learning and ensure that M&E related activities are successfully implemented and that relevant learning is documented, disseminated to staff and used to inform future decisions;

Participate in establishing a comprehensive and an updated database for the project;

Lead on all qualitative reports and evaluations on a programmatic level;

Responsible for the design, quality, development and completion of assessments, analytical reports and evaluation (including Impact evaluation);

Oversee and manage data collection processes, ensuring data is gathered in a timely and appropriate manner and to an acceptable quality;

Provide regular and timely updates on progress and challenges to supervisors and other team members;

Lead the development of a systematic and realistic monitoring and evaluation plan that captures quantitative and qualitative data to report on indicators;

Develop indicator matrices and clear data collection plan in discussion with the technical team and lead on all field data collection;

Monitor the progress and the achieved targets of the project activities;

Support in the implementation of surveys, focus group discussions, interviews and follow-up on monitoring and evaluation exercises for various activities;

Develop the required monitoring tools (quantitative and qualitative) and supervise the data collection process;

Lead the analysis of the collected data;

Lead and design the M&E project narrative reporting including weekly, quarterly, annual, final and ad-hoc reports;

Ensuring that the existing logical framework reflects the activities, output, and outcomes of the project;

Promote and share ideas for technical improvement in close coordination with the MEL focal points;

Collaborate with other M&E coordinator and Sr. Officer, management team, and relevant team members on the assessment’s SOW, assessment questions, data collection, data analysis, and drafting the assessment;

Support in monitoring the progress of the project against planned targets;

Collaborate on conducting the necessary learning sessions for the project, MC and other concerned stakeholders;

Collaborate on creating the necessary visual dashboards for the project;

Support in data checks for all project participants;

Lead on designing evaluation tools when needed;

Participate in monitoring efforts in the project to ensure full compliance with standards for learning and ensure that M&E related activities are successfully implemented and that relevant learnings are documented and shared;

Be an active contributor and collaborator with the project team and partners to promote and learn the use of M&E and CLA best practices.

Reporting in MC data management system and USAID reporting system;

Ensure the accuracy and comprehensiveness of country-level reporting on indicators such as beneficiary numbers and achievements per country-level indicator;

Support program teams in conducting routine data quality assessments (DQAs), encourage adaptive management through an evidence-based learning culture and integration of lessons-learned;

Lead in the collection of positive impact stories, CLA and photos from the project and prepare them to be used for shared learning as well as donor reporting, and other external stakeholders.

Conduct regular monitoring visits to project locations.

WORKS DIRECTLY WITH: Project M&E Focal Points/Officers, Team Leaders, M&E teams and Communication team.

Knowledge and Experience                                                                                        

Bachelor’s degree in Economics, environmental or related field.

At least 5-6 years practical experience developing and implementing monitoring and evaluation frameworks.

Solid and practical experience working with environmental projects / and or social programs.

Experience in Gender related topics.

Experience managing data sets.

Statistical analysis skills, Project management knowledge.

Fluency in English and Arabic.

Cross-functional expertise in monitoring and evaluation and research.

Strong English writing skills.

USAID experience is preferred.

Knowledge about CLA is an added value.

Success Factors

Strong understanding of diversity and gender related issues.

Requires strong organizational and decision-making skills and ability to work under pressure independently, and with limited supervision.

Willingness to learn new skills and methodologies.

Demonstrated creative problem-solving skills.

Demonstrated high level of integrity.

Highly developed interpersonal communication skills, excellent team player.

Demonstrated decision-making and leadership skills and excellent time management capacities.

Good interpersonal skills with people of all ages and backgrounds.

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