Adecco is looking for 1000 workers to fulfill customer demands and this is how to apply

Adecco is looking for 1000 workers to fulfill customer demands and this is how to apply

The Black Friday Sale campaign arrives as one of the important job opportunities through which to find work in Spain. And Black Friday, is a day of sales in stores that falls on the last Friday in November (it continues throughout the weekend) and is usually one of the busiest times of the year in the shops, as people benefit from discounts for their purchases on Christmas

As a result, logistics and distribution companies are strengthening their crews.

Spanish newspaper El Mundo reported that the human resources company Adecco has announced that it is already looking for 1,000 workers, specifically waiters and textile workers, to work in this campaign, specifically in a company in the town of Marchamalo, in Guadalajara.


The main task of the employees in this company will be to prepare orders, manage inventory of goods, etc., according to the HR company.


People seeking these jobs must have a desire and full time to work in the afternoon or during night shifts.

Moreover, "sector experience, teamwork, proactive and decisive, and diversity will be positively evaluated before anyone is admitted to work."

During the past year, 450,000 people were employed from the end of November to the end of January, a 5% increase over 2018.

The campaign this year will be more atypical due to the health crisis, although distribution and logistics companies are expected to reinforce themselves to meet the increasing demands.

Last year, Amazon alone hired more than 4,600 people to boost the workforce in its logistical facilities for this campaign and Christmas.

How can I apply for a job?

Those wishing to occupy one of the 1000 jobs advertised in Adecco must enter the company's website (click here to access it) and register themselves in the offer. This is done by creating an account on the company's website before accessing the offer. 

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