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وظائف شاغرة للعمل لدى شركة أمنية 

Careers at Umniah

Since its launch in 2005, Umniah continues to gain prominence as one of the region’s fastest-growing and most reliable telecommunications providers. Offering a diverse array of high-quality mobile, internet and enterprise solutions, Umniah has cultivated a loyal customer base of around 3 million customers in one of the region’s most competitive markets.

A subsidiary of Bahrain’s Batelco Group, Umniah quickly earned a reputation for firsts shortly after its inception. The operator was a pioneer in introducing cutting-edge communication technologies that effectively democratized broadband connectivity for both personal and enterprise use. Today, the operator is hailed a leader in embracing the modern digital revolution with an emphasis on core technologies like security, cloud computing, mobile payment, and others.

Why Join Umniah?

Well, that is a great question! Here at Umniah, we celebrate diversity and innovation! We take pride in the diversity of our team who come from all backgrounds and together we are making significant strides in the telecommunication industry in Jordan.

We strive to bring out the best in our people so that they can contribute to society while at the same time grow their own careers to the maximum potential. Now add to that the collective enthusiasm and the power of teamwork as a building block for the future, and you have the recipe for what makes our working environment so successful and so enviable.

Opportunities are the beginning of any successful journey, and we, believe in exceptional people and their ability to impact positively. That is what we offer at the heart of a career with us. A place where you can develop your skills, build lasting relationships, and make an impact in a place where people, quality, and value mean everything.

At Umniah, we see that Diversity and Inclusion is the way to attract, retain, and develop the best talents in our industry who share our passion. We offer equal opportunities for all aspects of employment and advancement regardless of race, nationality, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, physical abilities, religious or political belief.

Our success is driven by our exceptional people and through the values that we share. Do you see yourself as part of the Umniah family? Do you often dream about a future where you are challenged and motivated to create amazing ideas that make a difference?

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